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What is Information Technology? What are the IT Processes?

It would probably be unwarranted to explain what information and technology have in our daily lives. From the computers, we use the smartphones and the applications on them, they are all products of informatics. In this article, we will talk about the general definition of information and what are the concepts of information technology.

What is IT? What are the information technologies?

What is the relationship between IT and Communication? How do Information Technology and Computer science progress? How does IT affect life? You will also find the answer to your questions in our article.

The information industry also means computer science and the information industry. It is the institutional level of calculations and information. Such foundations provide usability in systems in the computer environment. Informatics is a structural level science that is used to search for easy techniques in information technologies. It is the science of processing regularly through devices with electronic circuits, such as information analysis and mechanical calculations of all types. Digerati; create information, define information and transform this information. They create algorithmic processes in the future. They design systems that we call complex and formulate them with abstractions.

Informatics is the theoretical (theory) infrastructure of computation and knowledge as a basic structure in general understanding. It is a discipline that deals with the calculation and the easy installation and implementation of information. In other words, it is the application of transferring information to technological devices like any pc. It also deals with abstract digital structures that can be applied to computing. Corporate computing, on the other hand, produces numerical, that is, mathematical theories. Computer science; transforms the related processes and objects into abstract numerical, that is, mathematical structures and algorithms by providing solutions. Technical informatics; designs digital devices for the storage, transfer and automatic processing of abstract numerical, that is, mathematical structures. The basis of informatics is mathematics, physics, and electronics, and the engineering field.

In other words, according to another source, informatics aims at teaching information in science and science, which focuses on computer systems with another computer-centered perspective and examines the structure, interactions, and behaviors of artificial and natural systems that provide storage, communicate and process information. is a program that includes human communication or interaction, design and analysis of the information system, telecommunications structure, management, and information architecture.

What is Information Technology?

It is known as “Information Technology” (IT). It can also be described as “processing data and job postings related to it”. It includes the infrastructure of computer-based information systems. Information technology is evaluated in four main or basic categories; hardware, equipment, services, and software. It is the technological field that enables processes such as computer systems and hardware, developments in IT applications, execution and management, software, information designs, processing, storage, protection, access and sharing through the computer. It also deals with areas such as computer data management, computer hardware, network connections, management of information systems, database and software design. Thanks to the information technology field, data and information can be instantly accessed to thousands of users in a short time. Communication tools and computers are one of the basic factors of information technology.

Hardware and software are bridges that enable such technologies to be used. They are technologies that make life easier in the same process and allow time to be used more efficiently. It allows information to be accessed quickly at any time, in any place or place in the world. It even allows it to generate information at any time and at any time.

IT technologies, which form the basis of industry and industry, are one of the biggest factors that sustain the national economies by making the greatest contribution to production and development. Many companies around the world can minimize costs and keep up with other companies around the world with information technologies. Radio, television, computer, internet, mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, and e-mail are products and foundations of information technologies. Information technologies have developed on some fundamental foundations. These; information, molecular biology, quantum mechanics, space sciences, ecology, and oceanography.

Information technologies include many tools or devices and equipment other than pcs. Some of these are; such as calculators, electronic tubes, insulated cables, telegraph and telephone lines, radio and television transmitters, audio and video recording devices, electronic machines and some instruments, telecommunication systems and computer equipment.

IT and Communication

Information and communication technologies are deep-rooted and connected technologies. On the other hand, the digital data of the telecommunication systems in SYSNETTECH Solutions, Microsoft, Cisco companies were provided and the information was transferred. In this way, information and communication have become two concepts that combine or complement each other. Information and communication technologies are part of economic and social developments. The relationships and communication of individuals in the society with each other and between institutions are realized through information and communication technologies at a high rate. Economic efficiency and production concepts can be implemented with information and communication technologies. Internet networks, which are the most valuable and part of informatics today; it is one of the general communication tools in the same process. It enables the transfer, sharing, and exchange of data between computers or mobile devices through lines and cables; It mediates the transfer of many documents such as audio files and various articles, photos and images.

Information and communication technologies have developed some processes. These processes are; tools and equipment development and production, digital devices, digital equipment, and document development and production, such as developing and developing telecommunication services, developing network services, producing media (publishing) equipment, device manufacturing, and service development.

How Does IT Affect Life?

Especially in the past 20 years, the internet has been the basis for countless levels of transactions and applications with the use of the internet almost every day, every hour, anytime, anytime and anywhere in life. In terms of communication, there may be several informatics tools such as media, business, and home life, transportation and shopping, logistics. Thanks to information technologies, a breakthrough has been created in every area of ​​daily routine life.

It is the “magic wand” informatics that provides the realities of life-like possibilities such as dishwashers and washing machines, cameras, music systems, and publishing tools, television, virtual government applications, and social media networks.

Today there is no home without the internet. We can easily understand the examples of this from the spread of social media. Soon, we can watch live broadcasts on Youtube TV by ending television broadcasts. Currently, most people manage their lives with this method. People broadcast live on the internet intensely. Or they follow live broadcast programs.

Information Technology and Computer

When it comes to informatics, it is necessary to put a separate parenthesis between computer and informatics. Because the computer, which is a part of life today, can surprisingly process, store and transmit data and documents in a short time. The complex software and hardware systems of computer systems and the services provided by these systems are nothing more than information technology itself. Information technology science; directly deals with the design, modeling, development, research, production, and implementation of these systems.

Computers are products that will be used at all times in the present and future. We need to learn technology in a way that is not addictive, but useful to us. No work can be done completely without using a computer. It will not be done after that. Remember that even the ATMs we use to withdraw money from the bank are computers. Computers; it is the greatest invention of the past, present, and future.

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