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Founded in: 2015
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 31-50
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SnatchBot: Free Chatbot Solutions, Intelligent Bots Service & Artificial Intelligence.
Hertzliya, Israel Israel
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Company description

SnatchBot was founded by Henri and Avi Ben Ezra(myself), we are two entrepreneurial brothers who have thrived in the telecom industry for more than a decade The SnatchBot bot-building platform was launched in 2017 with the goal of expanding the accessibility of chatbots and making bot-building easy and free for all users in any application. Based in Israel, SnatchBot provides access to sophisticated, natural-language conversational bots with highly engaging user experiences and lifelike conversational interactions across all communication channels. The platform provides robust administrative features and enterprise-grade security that comply with all regulatory mandates. Users can design bots that range from those which conduct simple conversational interactions to those with more complex functions and built-in integrations, such as action buttons, translation, payment processing and more. We have made bot-building intuitive, no coding or technical skills are required. Unlike other bot-building platforms, SnatchBot blends a comprehensive interface with the ability to build chatbots that can perform tasks with greater intelligence and sentiment analysis than ever before. We also provide SnatchBot Store, a marketplace that is fully integrated with SnatchBot's comprehensive bot-building platform and which provides more than 50+ ready-for-use templates for a wide variety of chatbots: including, but not limited to, those designed for customer service, banking, travel and .....













Business model

Based in the heart of the “start-up nation”, Herzliya Pituach, SnatchBot provides access around the world to sophisticated, natural-language conversational bots (aka, “chatbots”) with highly engaging user experiences and lifelike conversational interactions across all communication channels. In this section, we’re going to detail how SnatchBot is in a superior position to overcome the market challenges of the snowballing chatbot industry.

SnatchBot is an enterprise-grade, bot-building platform-as-a-service that was created with one central tenet in mind: to make bot-building accessible to anyone – whether developer, enterprise, or individual – with little to no coding skills required.

SnatchBot has been designed to eliminate the complexity of bots and help customers build the best possible messaging experience for consumers. Our expectation is to teach technology to speak and understand human language, and we’re well on our way toward that goal: already our platform is building truly intelligent bots, and in doing so, we’re helping enterprises connect with consumers in a more meaningful way that creates genuine, lasting relationships.

Since its inception in 2015, SnatchBot has been a privately-funded enterprise; to date, the founders have invested into the development of the SnatchBot bot-building platform.

SnatchBot is more than a start-up. As a privately-funded endeavour for the past two years, we have achieved a great deal with few staff and our own internal funds. Our platform is built and active and we have already established solid marketing visibility in the world, especially in the US. We are growing organically and exponentially. Our focus, after fundraising, is to duplicate the same strategy in the European and Asian regions equally.



Competitive advantage

SnatchBot is a bot-building platform like none other. It is our ultimate goal to change the landscape of building, testing, and deploying chatbots in a way that is simple, efficient, advanced, and — most importantly — free to the client.

The SnatchBot platform launched on January 1, 2017, as a beta version, and launched officially on May 1. The official launch of the SnatchBot Store was on September 1, 2017. Since May, more than 12,000 chatbots have been built on our platform, over a wide variety of industries and use cases.

We’ve spent more than two years building a framework that is, in nearly every capacity, completely unique from others currently on the market. We’re doing that via a multifaceted approach that includes the following:

  • Advanced NLP, ML, and AI technology
  • The option to create free custom bots or customize bot templates with no coding skills
  • An omni-channel approach and multi-channel integration, including WeChat (a historically difficult app to integrate, with more than a billion users)
  • Turnkey bot templates for specific use cases via our SnatchBot Store
  • Supports with unlimited messages
  • Advanced analytics for enterprises (including free Chatbase analytics: we have entered a partnership with Google’s chatbot analytics company)
  • Unparalleled customer support, including the building of bots for customers
  • A bot directory allowing users to instantly access the bot of their choice in any given channel (Slack, Skype, Messenger, web channel, mobile app, etc…) on any given sector via our bot ecosystem, i.e. any user can access a bot created by someone else
  • The first bot building platform to have the world’s largest synonym library (World Net) built into the system
  • A broadcast message server


Advanced NLP, ML, and AI technology

SnatchBot’s revolutionary approach blends the smartest ML (machine-learning) and AI technologies with a peerless conversational design. Bots on the SnatchBot platform beat out the competition because not only do they simulate human conversation, but they are also able to ”learn”, becoming more accurate through interaction, intent, and context.

SnatchBot’s NLP engine has been designed so that there’s no need to continue honing a bot once it’s been built: by enabling intent recognition, enterprises and developers don’t need to define anticipated sequences and patterns, unlike with other bot-building platforms.

Pre-built into the SnatchBot platform are security and administration requirements that go beyond ordinary enterprise-level standards, providing not only enhanced safety features but also enabling administrators to maintain complete control over bot distribution and use, user behaviour insights, and deep analytics. Bots can also recognize intent by way of context and specific speech or text patterns from a user.

Here are just a few of the features that the SnatchBot platform provides for its users:

  • A built-in chatbot engine giving all the tools needed to create serverless bots
  • A built-in NLP engine that eliminates the need to program intent and context
  • A simple web-based framework allowing users to build bot in an intuitive manner
  • Complete bot management: the choice of who can use the bot and how it can be used
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Data Extraction (name, email, URL, address, date, phone, number, duration, etc…)
  • Language identification: identifies the language of the user’s messages and translates them into another language. (This Interaction uses the Microsoft API translation)
  • Human interaction: the bot stops responding to the user allowing a human counterpart to take over the conversation
  • JSON API: the possibility to get or post content directly from your resources via API
  • Acceptance of in-bot payments

Remaining consistent with the original goals we set forth as a company, SnatchBot provides the frame upon which anyone, developer or newcomer to technology, can build powerful chatbots that perform efficiently and accurately across all chosen channels.