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SnapLayout is a MySpace profile editor from the Y Combinator company Weebly. Tired of a lack of innovation from MySpace’s end, the Weebly guys created a simple profile editor to help the millions of users looking to better customize their personal page.

The SnapLayout editor is pretty easy to use. MySpace users log in to SnapLayout with their MySpace credentials and use a “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) editor to rearrange the major features of their page. Users can use an array of SnapLayout’s templates or drag and drop sections of their page wherever they’d like.

Flickr photos can be used as backdrops, text size, style and color can be changed. SnapLayout even lets you place your uploaded photos in a slide show. It also has a widget platform which will include apps created by the company. The first is a virtual gift widget which mimics the very popular Facebook feature.

SnapLayout offers an addition to Myspace that will be popular with its users. We’ll see how MySpace reacts if SnapLayout gains traction.