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Take Pictures. Win Prizes.
Washington, District Of Columbia, United States United States
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Snaapiq is a gamified platform for brand-sponsored mobile photo contests where users take pictures to win prizes and brands connect with consumers through native engagement in the form of contests. Snaapiq's mobile app is fueled by a web-based business dashboard which allows brands to seamlessly create and manage contests. In addition, through this dashboard, businesses will learn about contest participants through the analysis of consumer behavior and demographic data. Also, businesses gain access to photo licensing for all submitted photos, which can be used in future marketing efforts.

For consumers, the mobile app turns picture taking into a game with fun contests such as "how is your pet funny," "how do you experience music," or "take a picture with xxx product." All prizes are sent to users directly through the app and users earn Snaapcoins for different in-app actions. These Snaapcoins are available for redemption through a product-bidding marketplace in the app.

Since launch 4 months ago, Snaapiq has grown to almost 20,000 downloads and over 50,000 picture uploads. We are arming consumers with a way to win prizes for their pictures...and selfies!