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Tools designed with the Administrator in mind. Let's make Administration easy.
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As the IT environment becomes more and more complex and risk adverse the management of these assets becomes harder for the average System Administrator. SmiKar software was created to help alleviate this pain of repetitive mundane tasks and relieve the System Administrators to focus on more pressing issues.

With four software packages already developed by SmiKar Software and with the plan to continuously develop more, centering around Microsoft's Azure cloud and system centre offerings. SmiKar Software will be the number one Software vendor for Administrative tools.

With plans and development currently underway for additional software our suite of tools will continue to expand and will focus on the following key features: 
- Automation 
- Orchestration 
- Monitoring / Alerting 
- Cost Savings 
- Cloud

Our software suite will save our clients time and money, hence our motto "Tools designed with the Administrator in mind. Let's make Administration easy."