Location: 2745 E. Atlantic Blvd., Suite 300, Pompano Beach, Florida, United States United States
Founded in: 2014
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
Funding history:
- Date: 08/2016, Seed: undisclosed amount (post valuation: undisclosed amount).
Investors: Michael O'Donnell, Sally Outlaw, Pamela Pitzer, Victor Tomassetti, Tom Coco
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These brothers really take pride in providing us with the best shave possible! Soft, smooth skin is important to me... I know SmartRazor will provide that in a conveniently warm way! I'm excited to share my experience because this revolution is making a huge impact on how you feel and how other's feel you too ;)

First of all, i love the PRODUCT. As someone who shaves in the shower each day to get a "hot" shave, I appreciate the need this razor serves. Second of all, i love the MARKET dynamics. It's massive and well segmented, with very big players looking to acquire the latest innovations. And finally, i love the TEAM. Lou and Pete are proven entrepreneurs -- passionate, but still focused and tenacious as hell. I'm IN and I hope you will be also!

The founders of SmartRazor are the most dedicated, passionate and experienced team that I have ever met. This, coupled with a well-designed and tested product that will be a category leader is why this is such a strong investment opportunity (and is why I personally got on-board). The Tomassetti brothers have had years of successful innovation in the shaving industry and have the patents to support their unique vision. Great product, great market, great team!

I have been using their Titan for years and my wife loves their Diva model razors. Great company with great product, rarity to find these days.

In my entire "shaving life," the most innovative idea that anyone has been able to come up with was to add more blades. Candidly, I became bored with that at about 2 or 3 blades. In my opinion, SmartRazor represents the first truly innovative idea in shaving in almost 40 years. It truly is a "game changer." On a personal note, I have known Louis and Peter my entire life, and I have met very few (if any) "outside the box" (or in this case, perhaps "outside the razor cartridge") thinkers who are more original and innovative than they are.



SmartRazor is the Game Changer in Shave! THE HEAT IS ON!
Pompano Beach, Florida, United States United States
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Company description
SmartRazor represents a paradigm shift from old-tech status quo razors to new hi-tech super-advanced "Smart" Razors. 
My brother Pete and I (Lou) have brought innovation to the shave business for many years, but for the last decade our focus was on searching for the "Perfect Shave".  And we found it!  Actually we made it...
Our pursuit for the perfect shave resulted in creating the new SmartRazor with heated blades technology! The warm blades slice through hair effortlessly with virtually no tug and pull, like a warn knife through butter. This is not theory, it is scientifically proven through comprehensive laboratory testing that SmartRazor's warm blades slice through hair up to 200% easier than other brands' best non-heated blades.
SmartRazor's warm blades provide for very comfortable smooth shaves for men and women, like a spa-shave everyday. Our grandfathers knew hot shaves were the best, now with SmartRazor, you can have the modern version of a warm soothing barbershop shave right at home with just the push of a button!    
The R&D is finished and patents are filed. SmartRazor has working prototypes that have been shave tested. With funding we will be producing SmartRazors in 2017. 
More than a disrupter, SmartRazor is truly the Game Changer in the multi-billion dollar Shave / Razor industry. SmartRazor's innovation is so unique and important to the industry and to consumers worldwide that we knew it had to be protected.  In total to date, there are 60 patents issued and pending in the USA and 42 other countries.
Dollar Shave Club has disrupted and upgraded the marketing and delivery of razors. Now, SmartRazor highly upgrades razors themselves!
SmartRazor finally brings Razors into the 21st century. SmartRazor is the next generation of razors and is the first and only razor to have heated blades technology. The first and only razor to have a multi-function microprocessor on board. The first and only razor that is Smart!  
SmartRazor innovations brings a new level of shaving comfort and performance never dreamed before.  With SmartRazor you actually look forward to shaving as now it really feels good to shave!  The morning dreaded task of shaving is transformed to your enjoyable and comforting personal grooming moment. 
SmartRazor is Razor Evolution on steroids.  
Finally Razors Get Smart!  The Future of Shaving is Here!  Go SmartRazor!
Lou Tomassetti, CEO







































  • Lou Tomassetti
    Lou Tomassetti | Founder
    Hello, I am Lou Tomassetti. I am an Inventor and manufacturer for over 30 years. Some of the brands we have created: Safety-Sport, SportsBlaster, ShaveMate, SmartRazor and several more. We are passionate about our work and inventions! Thank you!
  • Peter Tomassetti
    Peter Tomassetti | Founder
    I am an inventor and entrepreneur. For close to 30 years I have worked closely with my brother Lou on many different projects and product lines. The SmartRazor tops them all and is our best ever! This Razor is the truly the Game Changer!
    DAVID GOMEZ | Team member
    Interested in technology, Industrial/ Product design and Mechanical engineering.
  • Neil Dambra
    Neil Dambra | Team member
    I'm an entrepreneur, I've spent my career working on the financial end of the business, and am very excited about SmartRazor, this product will change shaving forever. SmartRazor will be the #1 brand in five years!!!
Business model

We are producing and will be selling the next generation of razors (new SmartRazors) to an anxious shaving consumer market so eager for real razor innovation and change from the status quo.  Our ultimate goal is to get SmartRazor into the homes of as many people as possible,  Direct to Consumer sales is our main business model.  Building Internet providence is key.  We will promote and sell through internet.  We will build the brand SmartRazor and it will become a household name (synonymous with the razor technology leader) within one year.  After internet sales saturation and at the appropriate strategic timing, we could also produce SmartRazor models to sell into retail.  We have already met with Walmart, Target, and CVS to guage interest and all three giants were very receptive and enthusiastic about SmartRazor for their shaving customers.  We believe SmartRazor will be the razors of choice for people all over the world and we believe SmartRazor will be the new much higher standard for the masses.    

Competitive advantage

We bring to the world new hi-tech razors called SmartRazors that shave hair up to 200% easier than the best non-heated blades of today.  This innovation is very exciting and is the first major reinvent of razors in hundreds of years.  The SmartRazor has new heated blades technology which brings heat to the cutting edge of the blades so they glide through your hair effortlessly with virtually no tug or pull for incredible comfort and shaving performance.

Powered by battery and controlled by a mini computer on board, SmartRazor is the most advanced shaving razor on the planet!  

Soon consumers all over the world will have the choice to purchase and shave with; old-tech razors of yesterday -or- new hi-tech super-advanced "Smart" Razors!  We have comprehensive consumer impact studies that show shaving consumers will pick SmartRazor overwhelmingly, and we agree!  

For centuries, everyone has been seeking the "Perfect Shave", SmartRazor is the Perfect Shave!  


Michael O'Donnell
Serial entrepreneur, angel investor and M&A Intermediary.
Sally Outlaw
I connect ideas to capital. I'm a contributor and speaker for Entrepreneur Magazine and am addicted to helping business owners navigate the new capital opportunities provided by the updated securities regulations in the Jobs Act.
Pamela Pitzer
I have been involved with several companies, some start-ups, and I started my own company called ClinReg Research, Inc. I am intrigued with the razor business and am a happy investor in SmartRazor. I know this company has a very BIG future. Pamela
Tom Coco
I have been in the wireless industry for over 20 years working with sales teams to bring an ever changing portfolio of products and services to consumers.