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SmartPay, Inc.
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Company description

SmartPaySM is a mobile payment processing platform using optical code identification to facilitate merchant payments across multiple mobile operating systems, using QR Code® optical identification technology. 

To put it more simply, SmartPaySM  is an alternative to debit and credit cards that allows users to pay for things by simply typing in the amount they want to send, and then scanning the merchant’s QR Code®.  









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Awards and Mentions
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    We were fortunate enough to be a top 10 company at Vator Splash L.A. competition. We were the #1 popular vote getter in round one. Selected by technical judges in round two. Finally, we had the honor or presenting on stage along with some other really amazing companies. If you are starting a business, this competition is a very important way to sharpen and hone your team. I strongly recommend it.
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    --No Credit Card Hardware required:  SmartPay is ideally suited to an open air market or open table market like a farmers' market.    If you own a printer and an iPhone , Android or  Blackberry, then you have everything you need to receive payments. 

    --Significant Savings on Monthly Merchant Fees if Your Average charge is over  $30.00:  SmartPay transaction fee model is significantly less than typical credit card with a transaction fee cap of $1.00 regardless of the amount sent.  This compares favorably with up 2-5% for comparable credit card transactions.   So, if a merchant receives $100.00, with SmartPay, the max fees would be $1.00 and with a credit card the max fees would be up to $5.00. Additionally CC companies typically charge a fixed monthly fee as well. 

    --Significantly Better Fraud Protection:  You can change your merchant decal as often as you like, every day even.  Moreover, the decal PAPER so there is no way to electronically hack into it.  Even if someone copies the merchant decal code, the merchant software only allows merchants to receive money, so as a merchant your transactions are totally secure. 

    --No More Paper Receipts:   As a micro-merchant, whenever someone sends you money, you get both a text message and a email receipt.  

    Competitive advantage

    Expensive Hardware:  Nearly all of the competing models for electronic funds transfer via smart phone, require additional hardware that is comparatively expensive for the merchant, the consumer, or both:  

    •  GOOGLE®:  Google’s approach integrates near field communication technology which requires merchants to purchase expensive hardware in order to accept electronic payments.  The merchant hardware costs several hundred dollars, and users must often buy new phones that are compatible with near field technology hardware and software solution being implemented by Google. 
    •  BLING NATION!™:  Bling Nation’s product requires both merchant and consumer to purchase comparatively expensive hardware:  a. the consumer must purchase and attach an electronic RFID chip to their phone, and b. the merchant must purchase RFID reader along with Bling Nation’s payment processing software.  At Bling Nation’s San Francisco launch, we asked how much the consumer chip costs “turn key” delivered, and a Bling Nation rep told me about $3.00.  The cost of the merchant RFID reader is on the order of several hundred dollars.
    •  SQUARE (UP)™:  Square Up’s product requires the merchant to purchase a special card reader to be able to use their product as well.  While Square is a more cost effective solution than the other competitors, it still relies on using magnetic strip cards which is a comparatively expensive solution when compared to our product.  We estimate it costs a several dollars to make the Square card reader, and it cost’s around $5.00 for each issuing bank to send out a new credit card per consumer.  Also, with Square, you have to wait to receive their hardware before you can make payments, as compared to being able to use ours product as fast as you can download and print out a decal.
    • SmartPaySM:   Purchasing nearly 1000 decals from an office supply store costs under twenty bucks.  The cost of the ink to print out a decal was under 1/100th of a penny.  In short, the total investment required to use our product is under a dollar from BOTH the consumer side and the small merchant (individual seller) side.   Moreover, our product is designed to work great with most existing smart phones, so there no need to buy a special phone to use our product.  We intend our product work with Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and possibly one or two other operation systems.  And to get started sending money with the SmartPay application, you simple enroll online, print out your decal, and your done.