VCTV (Venture Cap TV)

VCTV (Venture Cap TV)
VCTV (Venture Capital TV)
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Welcome to VCTV - Venture Cap TV where we connect exciting start-ups on the rise with solid investors.


VCTV is proud to feature:

 ... provocative conversations with start-ups that not everyone knows about, but ideally should (!),

... frank chats with smart idea backers (venture caps, angel investors and advisors) with impressive batting records who help finance and coach the start-ups,

... wise wisdom from biz gurus (leaders of successful start-ups, whose bold ideas and strategic actions propelled their relentless, high performing companies forward),

 ...and...our Rodeo Roundup video cast series rounding up the WHO and WHAT to know in the VC and start-ups sectors.

We not only showcase their captivating stories, but also the challenges that occasionally pummelled them, the brutal truth about what it takes to succeed, and the HOW's, WHY's and "AHA!" moments that repaved their sometimes bitter, rocky roads into smoother highways.

We're action driven and scan the globe for ingenious start-ups, idea backers and biz gurus to find the next mastermind brain to pick for our interviews.

VCTV aims to be a valuable, useful, and enjoyable resource for the VC and start-up community. We hope that you come back and visit us again soon!

Thank you for visiting VCTV. Together, we reveal the naked truth behind what it takes to start-up, keep up and rise up!