Location: Via XX Settembre 44 21052 Busto Arsizio (VARESE), Italy
Founded in: 2000
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Company description

Smarthink is aimed at creating a more equal and effective online learning experience for adult students from all over the world. Smarthink is aimed at creating different EdTech tools for supporting both online teachers and students with the use of the most updated technologies including Artificial Intelligence and to provide pedagogical support and consultancy services for the implementation of e-learning courses for adult students also in Higher Education. Smarthink is also aimed at creating awareness activities in Italy and in Europe on the use of digital badges among universities and institutions. At the moment Smarthink is developing its EdTech tools called Edulai. Smarthink is also developing both national and international partnership for creating more awareness on the use of digital badges and credentials and for supporting adults learners to develop their 21st century skills.

Business model

Edulai will be distributed via Cloud or on Premise according with the customers' needs. US, Europe especially UK, Higher Education institutions will be our initial primarily markets and customers. We will sell Edulai usage with a yearly fee increasing if the cloud space used by customers will increase. However our costs will decrease with the increase of number of our customers.

We count to find and attract customers while participating to international Fairs and Exhibitions, international conferences, international competitions, via Social Networks, International Networks, published articles, blog posts etc..

We will distribute our product via direct sale and re-seller and we will use two part-time inside sale professionals for selling our product to our first 100 customers. We will work on the development of additional Edulai features after our first year of sells so to sell it also to companies starting from the Italian one


Competitive advantage

Our project will make use of innovative technology in this case Artificial Inelligence, in order to measure online students skills. There is not such a system that is able to measure students' online competencies so far while suggesting them target content. Competitors usually focus their attention on monitoring students' course tasks and assignments accomplishment, on identifying students in danger of dropping out or to under perform, or in suggesting them targeted content for mastering a specific topic (rather than a specific skill). None of them focuses its activity on a system that could actually measure online students' competencies and skills, while suggesting them target content for improvement. We also think that the novelty of our tool is how it can assess online 21st century skills (critical thinking, collaboration, team work ,leadership, communication) while combining artificial intelligence and sounding pedagogy in online adult teaching and learning.  In addition another important novelty is how the software can recommend targeted high quality content available on the web to students for improvement through the use of the artificial intelligence engine again, according with the level of skills developed by the student.

Moreover our product is currently under patent pending process