Smartagious, LLC

Smartagious, LLC
Fresno, California, United States United States
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Company description


The space of social networks has caused clutter, confusion and a false sense of importance. There is an opportunity to provide a reliable reputation management solution which allows people to discover and engage thought leaders and subject matter experts in a clean and efficient manner. In short, a person now has the ability to create an Online Cerebral Network of smarties.


The Concept is the next generation of online connectivity, talent discovery and reputation management. Recognizing the need to move beyond friends, fans, followers and favorites as markers of success and value, allows people to connect in an effort to Spread Brilliance, share concepts and create collaborative opportunities. Users can search for smarties based on industry, subject matter or geographic location. Additionally, users have the ability to tag and rate each other (reputation management) and content on the web based based on the Smart 3.0 model: Smart Thinking, Smart Action and Smart Impact. 


Business model

Sources of Revenue

Premium Membership: $5 - $55/year based on SmartScore. Member is able to “lock in” a new rate each time analytic report is pulled. This will generate more frequent “annual” fees.

Advertising: Beyond ad placement (which will be minimal), will offer experiential advertising in which companies put product in the hands of members. Advertising packages are currently in development. Advertisers pay more for trial than simple exposure.

Data/Information: will make available aggregate data to media and marketers. This will not include specific user information; however, it will include the data as it is related to a specific geography or industry. 


Competitive advantage

Strategic Advantages

Gaming & Ego:  Using the proprietary SmartEngine Optimization (SmEO) algorithm, those with the highest SmartScore will have a more prominently placed profile.

Proprietary Algorithm: The SmartScore is based on the ratings in the Smart 3.0 areas (Smart Thinking, Smart Action and Smart Impact). Additionally, those selected as Trusted Connections can positively or negatively influence a person’s SmartScore.

Counterintuitive Pricing Model: The higher the user’s SmartScore and the more “optimized” the profile, the less they pay for annual membership. This rewards the user for maintaining a solid reputation.

Alignment with Existing APIs: Developing processes to tie in with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This will allow for increased adoption.

Greater Value in Advertising: The members of are educated, technologically savvy, early adopters of products and services. They are also influencers and mavens within their industry or marketplace.