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Company description is based on a proprietary and patent pending process for route-based advertising using a website database clearinghouse to match Advertisers and Operators.  The premise is that Operators have space on their vehicles that Advertisers can purchase and run localized and regional ad campaigns.

Advertisements will range from bumper stickers, to larger signs that can be placed on the back and/or sides of vehicles, or stationary objects.  Quick Response (QR) codes will be embedded in the advertisements to allow for two actions - 1) to authenticate that the advertisement is displayed by the Operator and that the route has been traveled by scanning the advertisement upon each milestone with a SmartPhone app that uses the SmartPhone GPS to time and location stamp the entry, and 2) to allow viewers of the advertisement to scan the ad and receive a promotional coupon or reward.

Revenue is taken as an override on transactions, or as a small percentage of each transaction.

There is also and opportunity for Graphic Designers and Printing businesses to become resources in the advertising develop and printing part of the process.

Following is the Patent Pending Abstract:

A process for conducting a site-specific advertising campaign comprises enrolling anumber of structure or vehicle owners and operators along specified routes. Theowners/operators are provided with stickers, posters or banners to be mounted on theirsvehicles, windows, placards or similar structures displaying advertising messages. Eachmessage incorporates a Quick- Response code. At various time, the displayed messages arephotographed and the pictures are stamped with GPS-derived location and time, thentransmitted to a clearing house where they are analyzed to determine and to verify the amountof exposure of the public to the messages. The clearing house maintains a debit account foreach business entity which ordered the advertising message, and a credit account for eachoperator/owner. The clearing house also accepts encoded pictures from non-enrolled observersof the message and sends them a reward.

Business model

The business model is a basic fee for services transaction model where the Advertiser pays a  fee based on 1 cent per per mile to the Operator whom must display the advertisement throughout their commute day, and must authenticate the commute using a SmartPhone app.

The operational process is based on a web database clearinghouse matching Advertisers and Operators (drivers) based-on commute and/or courier routes (Operators) and preferred advertising regions (Advertisers).  

The revenue model will be either a fixed-fee per daily commute transaction, or a percentage of the overall advertising campaign.  In both models the Advertiser shoulders the revenue stream.

Competitive advantage

The "Route-Localized Advertising Process" has a Patent Pending (Provisional Process Patent - USPTO- 2013).  This patent is for a proprietary method of GPS/time stamping an embedded QR code and accumulating commute authenticated logs for each Operator to be verified and reported to the Advertiser.