Sm Learning Skills Academy For Special Needs Pvt l
Location: 1404 Karnak, Omaxe Nile, Sector 49, Near Sohna Road, Sector 49, Gurgaon, India India
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 6-15
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Sm Learning Skills Academy For Special Needs Pvt l

Affordable high quality data driven treatment for children diagnosed with mental disorders.
Gurgaon, India India
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Company description

Learning Skills Academy For Special Needs is a corporation that started in July 2016 in Gurgaon , India. We are a cash positive company with employee strength of around 10 people. We deliver high quality data driven behavior interventions to children diagnosed with developmental disorders. 

Currently percentage of  children diagnosed on development disorders is around 1.5% (Autism), (8%-10%) ADHD  and 15% (Dyslexia) and it is growing exponentially. India itself is a country with more than 13 million individuals diagnosed only on Autism Spectrum Disorder. The sector is unorganized and severely resource crunched lowering quality of care. 

To improve treatment reach and provide high quality affordable behavioral treatment we have introduced Data centered decision making in  behavior treatment to significantly improve quality of care. 

We have partnered with a prestigious educational institution Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi to automate behavioral assessment to treatment cycle incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technologies.


Business model

Currently 35% of population in India are children and 6% of those are diagnosed only with Autism and ADHD (25,410,000) . For the first year, we are estimating only 0.05% of the targeted population (12705 individuals) as our potential customers, at affordable subscription rate resulting in margin of 52%. The continuous awareness in the society will increase the subscription rate exponentially. The Revenue stream will be Freemium + Subscription Model. The B2B customer can buy a premium model of the product which will enable multi-user access. While for B2C customers, we will provide monthly subscription model specific to treatment plan for their own child.

Competitive advantage

The product under development delivers high quality treatment based on advance scientific principles of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  Our treatment process overcomes the limitation of a skilled person available in each part of the treatment value chain delivery. The model removes the constraint of location and makes treatment available globally.

It integrates common treatment protocols and teaching targets across parents, schools and treatment centers. Using a unified data model collecting longitudinal treatment progress data from various participants our algorithm can propose customized high quality treatment plans.

Our product is designed using machine learning algorithms and therefore learns from the data and will become more accurate with time and age.