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SlimCut Media

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SlimCut Media
Toronto, Canada Canada
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Company description

One platform for publishers to maximize online revenue via innovative video ad units, a loyalty program and a payment system. Clients include Microsoft, National Post, Fashion Magazine, CHCH TV...

The problem:

TV channels, newspapers and radio are strugling to transition their legacy businesses to the digital and mobile spheres. They have a hard time monetizing their audience through online advertising and paywalls. 


SlimCut Media encourages visitors to sign into a loyalty program that rewards them for any interaction with the publisher's site. Thanks to the data collected, SlimCut  powers premium video advertising that drives publisher revenue. 

Example of program:

National Post - Post Points :

Readers can choose to pay for an article or to watch an ad to access it. 

CHCH TV channel:

Readers are rewarded to enter online, keywords they have seen on air. 


Main clients: Microsoft, Fox, PostMedia, TC Media, St Joseph Media, CHCH

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