Skyrise Inc

Skyrise Inc
Dallas, Texas, United States United States
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Company description

Skyrise is a community & communications platform for commercial real estate (office buildings).

Today, office buildings and their ownership/management are disconnected from the occupants. How do you decrease turnover, increase tenant happiness & engagement and referral business? 

Skyrise helps solve these problems by increasing connections within the building and creating more engagement between occupants, management and each other. Additionally, Skyrise helps increase amenity utilization which leads to happier tenants.






Business model

Skyrise is a SaaS platform. Building owners or management pay a monthly fee, ranging from $499 - $999 per month, to enable certain features within the platform.

We also have white-glove setup and onboarding available for an additional fee.

Skyrise has a number of other monetization channels that we are currently exploring (coupons/deals, data/analytics, etc) as well.

Competitive advantage

We are headquartered in Dallas, Texas which is home to some of the biggest commercial real estate companies in the world. Our ability to sell & onboard customers quickly will be a huge advantage in establishing market dominance for this sector.