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Sky Eye
"A New World of Awareness"
Boston, Massachusetts, United States United States
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Company description

Every SkyEye user will have a wireless micro-size camera (service is also available through SkyEye enabled SmartPhone platforms) streaming snapshot photographs to their secure cloud-based account. Pictures will be snapped at five or fifteen second intervals (interval length and megapixel resolution can be chosen by user). Pictures snapped on SkyEye camera device are recorded and immediately sent to their database account. They are immediately out and away from the user over the cellular or satellite network. Any attempt at assault (physical harm, sexual, intimidating movement, etc.) will be recorded and saved for use in secure cloud-based database. This product might be thought of as an automatic indictment and conviction device. ("Photographic evidence is by far and away the most damning piece of admissible material ever provided to me by a plaintiff. It’s as quick as a five minute debate inside the jury room," - States Attorney McCrystal).  This device will be used as a tool by a woman (or man) to convict an aggressor, and this will happen within one year. At that point this service will go nation-wide. This device will enable a SkyEye user to personally choose the photograph that convicts their aggressor and this new use of technology will be on the front page of when this happens. It is important that we get this technology tool into the hands of the public as soon as possible. Natalie Holloway’s attacker could not be convicted when there was no photographic evidence in Aruba. A blurry photograph in Peru placing Van Der Sloot near the crime sealed his fate. SkyEye is a major leap in personal security that technology has recently made possible.


Business model

The business model works on multiple fronts. Photographs will be stored for use by customer for an amount of time based on the level of their subscription payment. There are many additional applications for recording, socializing, capturing moments, tracking movement of employees, etc. Even retracing one's steps to discover lost keys will be an cinch with this new technological capability. Crime stopping is the most distinctive application and this company will revolutionize crime deterrence in America and beyond. A distinctively glowing sky blue light emitter on the device will act like a LoJack window sticker-type warning to any potential aggressor. Social networking is an ancillary function, yet still essential to the business. It is the best way to deliver the photographs to subscribers and it has the additional benefit or working to build out a well-positioned social network. Revenue will come through website advertising (established revenue model based on pay per click), sales of device (roughly at cost for first year), monthly sales of subscription ($9.99 per month on Garmin-based model), and charge for reservation of individual photographs ($.05 per photo reserved). Initial successful markets will be 10-24 year old receiving cell phones from their parents, active socializers who desire a hands-free camera to record lifetime scrapbook-type experiences, and individuals who like to share photographs with friends via the web. All will drive the explosive success of this company.


Competitive advantage

Sky Eye has solved the privacy problem (not to be disclosed at this time) for social networks. This will not interfere with our product because we are primarily a security and safety company with a social network spin off.