Location: Lange Nieuwstraat 263, Tilburg, Netherlands Netherlands
Founded in: 2009
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Start a virtual company by sharing a domain name
Tilburg, Netherlands Netherlands
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Company description

Start a virtual company.


With Sitepie you can share ownership in an internet domain name. By sharing the ownership of a domain name, you and the other owners can develop a website without having the hassle of starting a real company. This prevents you from paying expensive legal fees and having to perform a lot of administrative tasks. Sitepie domains are very useful if you have a website idea and want to test if it makes any business sense.


Why use Sitepie 

If you build a website with other people it’s nice to trust each other, but in the case of a conflict you are not protected from getting excluded from the project. You don’t want to spend your time and effort building a website, ending up getting excluded from the project and don’t profit from it. With Sitepie it’s not possible to cheat on each other or to exclude one of the owners. It’s like a contract between the owners to cooperate and give each other credit for their work in case the website is successful. Instead of worrying about potential conflicts, you put all of your energy into developing a great website and we take care of the rest.


Your interests protected

The interests of each owner are protected by our governance system. There are only three ways the ownership of the domain can be changed.

One is by agreement between all owners on the new owner of the domain. In this way you can transfer the domain to a legal or natural person. This process is monitored by Sitepie and can only be conducted through our online agreement application.


It’s even possible to add new participants later on, by changing the list of owners and their share of ownership. This requires agreement between all owners on the new ownership structure. This process is also monitored by Sitepie and can only be conducted through our online agreement application.


The third way to change ownership is to transfer the domain to a legal person without consent between all group members. The equity stakes in this entity must reflect the ownership shares your group members have in the domain name. This only requires a majority vote, but the transfer process must be monitored by an independent lawyer.


go to our website to find out more about how sitepie works!