SimulScribe - Stop Listening to Voicemail; READ IT!
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Company description
Most people dislike checking voicemail, it’s time consuming, clumsy and inefficient. SimulScribe utilizes a proprietary voice recognition system to convert voicemail to text and deliver it via e-mail or SMS. Voicemail transcribed through SimulScribe arrives as an e-mail with the caller’s phone number in the subject line, transcribed voice message in the body of the e-mail and an attached audio file of the original message. The service works with all wireless providers and is currently available to consumers at Users with SimulScribe accounts can still dial in and listen to voicemail the old way, should they choose. SimulScribe accounts feature unlimited voicemail storage, so users never have to delete their voicemail or worry about callers hearing “sorry this mailbox is full.” There is an online interface where users can log on to manage, READ, listen to and delete voicemail with a single click. SimulScribe’s voice recognition system has over 95 percent transcription accuracy. The service is $9.95 per month for 40 transcribed voicemail messages and $.25 per message thereafter for the rest of the month or $30 per month unlimited.
Business model
SimulScribe provides automated voicemail-to-text services to the consumer, enterprise and carrier markets. The Company generates revenue through monthly service and overage plans.