SimpleTherapy Inc
Location: 39180 Farwell Dr, Suite 201, Fremont, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2011
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 16-30
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Awards and mentions
The Swiss Re Foundation’s 2016 “Entrepreneurs for Resilience Award” focused on our ageing population and ways to help people live more independently and longer at home. The winner was SimpleTherapy, whose invention addresses gradual musculoskeletal deterioration, an issue that affects many elderly people and often results in falls, expensive hospital visits, and even fatal injuries. Physical therapy can help, but it is expensive, and often involves leaving the house for specific appointments. SimpleTherapy offers an online platform that uses artificial intelligence to assess patient needs and enables them to exercise anywhere and anytime by watching a personalised and adaptive rehabilitation video. It then adapts exercises based on user feedback, essentially inviting a virtual “physiotherapist” into the user’s living room.

SimpleTherapy Inc

Personalized pain recovery - manage | eliminate | prevent
Fremont, California, United States United States
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Company description

SimpleTherapy was founded in 2011 with a simple, but clear vision - the remove all the barriers to timely musculoskeletal (MSK) intervention to provide differential outcomes downstream.

Since then, SimpleTherapy has amassed the world’s largest predictive database as it relates to job physicality and repetitive strain injury allowing companies of all sizes from small businesses to fortune 100 employers (such as Costco Wholesale, Dow Jones, and Nestlé) to tap into their predictive analytics to drive meaningful MSK intervention in the most responsible way.

SimpleTherapy is a digital platform that provides users with all the tools needed to manage their musculoskeletal pain from the comfort of home.

Since pain is the unique factor that drives all consumption of healthcare resources for MSK, SimpleTherapy is the only point solution on the market that puts “how the user feels” at the center of care, just like a doctor or physical therapist would when augmenting care.

SimpleTherapy is a turn-key point solution that:

1.Is developed and supported by over 22 board certified physicians

2.Provides total MSK care covering all 18 body parts from head-to-toe with unlimited episodes of care

3.Provides real-time intervention (in the moment of need care) available through any smart phone, tablet, or computer

4.Is the only solution that applies gold standard care programmatically to users by augmenting and personalizing the user experience and care pathway based on how the user feels and responds to home-based exercises

Thus, SimpleTherapy is not just a replacement for physical therapy, but rather, SimpleTherapy addresses the root cause of a users pain and solves it without special equipment, doctors visits, opioids, or surgery.