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Hi there,

This is Katy from Silicon UK Staffing solutions, hope you are doing great today!

What is your top challenge in recruiting staff for your new UK office? How hard has it been for you to find a solution for finding the right type of person within your recruitment process in the UK market? What would it mean to you to find a solution which brings you the best performing candidates that will champion the Silicon Valley culture in your UK office?

We can help you find exactly the right people to fit into the Silicon Valley mindset when you are recruiting for your expansion into the UK market.

We currently have people like Josh and Cathy both of who for so long have been waiting to break out of the corporate UK culture where their free thinking and enthusiasm was supressed. These top tech industry performers are perfect for your UK branch. They are highly motivated, highly responsible, and keen to connect with the silicon valley culture.

Cathy loves the american culture, her first taste of it was when she worked at Idesk an early entrant to the UK technology market. Since then Cathy has worked within top corporate UK IT companies, although she didnt feel she quite fitted in.

The previous scarcity of American companies in the UK meant that Cathy felt she had to conform to the corporate way of working. With the growth of US silicon tech companies in the UK, Cathy is able to contribute her true skillset to your company.

Similarly Josh who loves water sports and surfing felt much more at home when he worked in the US as a student. Back in the UK job scene for over 10 years Josh has never found the same mindset as the californian silicon IT company which he previously was an intern in. He is now keen to show his full dedication and potential and wear shorts rater than shirts in the office, where he can give a full 110% of his skillset, Josh would fit perfectly within your company.

We are here to help and ready for your call to find you Silicon Valley thinkers right here in the UK. If lines are busy please be sure to keep trying so that one of our team can help you

Hear from you soon

Katy Jacks
Co Founder
Silicon UK Staffing solutions

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