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Company description

Customer Problem: I Want To Watch The News. Here. Now.

Every day, four out of five Americans watch news on television.  They want to catch up on what’s important, be entertained by interesting stories, and connect to the news through trustworthy people. Now that people are watching movies and other long form programs on tablets, connected TVs and smartphones, they want the same control, personalization and social experience for their newscasts. No one offers this now. 

Our Product: A Video Newscast Made For You

A personalized newscast with the latest news plus more on your interests.

Start any time. Pick a length from 5-60 minutes. Use any device.

Watch in one continuous stream, so you can multitask. 

Skip some topics, dive deeper into others, and connect with friends about the news.

Engaging hosts plus reports from the world’s best news networks.

Target Audience: Young, Educated And Large

Our core market: 117 million regular TV news viewers who also use Internet video.

They are younger and more educated than TV news viewers overall.  

Our programming is brisk, smart, and laced with wry humor. Think The Week magazine made daily on video. 

Business Opportunity: Building A Big Brand Amid Cable’s Disruption

TV news revenue in 2011: $21 billion. Both ads and fees. Margins: 30%-60%. 

As Internet TV becomes mainstream, Sii.TV will take advantage of the disruption in cable distribution to create the leading brand for video news.


Business model

Business Model: High CPM Ads Now + Subscriptions Later

Commercials embedded in long-form premium programming earn high CPMs.

Interactive ads, native content and rich data increase ad rates.

Later, subscription fees are possible, directly bundled (e.g. w/Amazon Prime). 

Content costs are managed through low-cost syndication, partnerships and very efficient production. 


Competitive advantage

Competitors: Conflicted TV networks + Unambitious Startups

TV networks (CNN, Fox, ABC…): Paid $2 billion by cable not to be best online.

Text print & Internet (Yahoo, Reuters, NYTimes…): Distracting core business issues. 

Startups (Watchup, Frequency, Newsy…): Not reliable for news coverage.

Competitive Advantage: Focus + Bionic Journalism

We’re 100% focused on on-demand video news and have no conflict with distributors (such as cable systems) or competing priorities. 

Our product vision (Pandora for newscasts) is different from the networks (replicate TV online) and the startups (mostly clips; too much work for users). 

We have unique expertise in how to weave automation, human judgment and real-time analysis into content that is both popular and efficient to make.