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Company description is one of the leading crowdfunding platforms for health care funding assistance in Indonesia. It is a technology-based social enterprise which endeavors to fund medical needs of the underpriviledged patients using digital approach, social media, and the power of volunteerism. This is a new initiative developed by Indonesia Medika as a company concerning in inventing innovative health products and services, aiming to make a meaningful impact on the Indonesian society by extending the medical treatment, patient care, and health care funding assistance.






Business model serves as a digital crowdfunding platform focusing on health sector in Indonesia. This platform allows everyone to donate to underpriviledged patients in need of financial assistance who are registered and verified on our website and social media. Therefore, patients with low economic level and donors are our main customer targets. We also aim to foster the act of volunteerism, hence we employ volunteers in the process of validating the patients. From the total donation received, we allocate 10% of it for the management fee of per se. Currently, we have raised more than $ 105,000 from 4373 donors and helped 778 patients nationwide.

Competitive advantage

There are seven main competitive advantage points of

  1. Validation: We validate the patients directly with the help from our volunteers and indirectly through phone calls, so that we understand the actual condition of the patients.
  2. Focus: We have a more focused scope, which is the health sector, to maximize our impact in the society.
  3. Donation disbursement: We disburse the donation flexibly depending on the urgency of the circumstance, so we can give the fund whenever the patients need it.
  4. Volunteers: We have 365 volunteers that enable us to provide the service in a wider range of region (81 cities in Indonesia).
  5. Home-visit service: We provide a home-visit service for the patients' convenience.
  6. Unlimited crowdfunding: We receive donation overseas, enabling us to target international donors.
  7. Verification: Our verification process includes both the patients who have and have not been diagnosed by doctors in the past.