Location: 453 S Spring St, Suite 408, Los Angeles, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2013
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
Funding history:
- Date: 06/2014, Seed: $440 k (post valuation: undisclosed amount).
Investment Firms: CuriousMinds
Short URL:


The real-time in-app customer care platform for mobile
Los Angeles, California, United States United States

ShowKit is a cloud-based communication platform that adds real-time screen sharing, co-navigation and video chat to any mobile app with a few lines of code. With ShowKit customer care agents can remotely view, navigate and draw on a mobile customer’s screen in real-time while communicating through voice and video.

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Company description

ShowKit is the next generation of mobile customer support and engagement.  We’ve developed a platform and mobile sdk that enables customer care agents to tap, swipe, draw and view the screen of a mobile user in real-time while communicating with them via video/audio chat right inside the app.  ShowKit’s goal is to reduce resolution times and repeat calls for technical defects, and increase customer loyalty and conversions by providing a more efficient and effective mobile support experience.


The world is going mobile and apps have become a great way to perform different tasks until you run into a problem and need to speak to a live person.  In most apps today your only options to connect with a live person are to leave the app and call an 800 number or send an email.  Companies are spending millions of dollars on their mobile initiative yet still rely on outdated and ineffective channels to support and engage their mobile customers.  According to analysts from Greenfield Online, Datamonitor/Ovum and Genesys, enterprises in the U.S. lose an estimated $83 billion each year due to defections and abandoned purchases as a direct result of a poor experience.

Market Opportunity

The total mobile app market is huge, $77 billion by 2017.  Mobile use is rapidly becoming integrated into every business sector in every industry, which means these mobile users will need support.

ShowKit provides technology for real-time interaction in any mobile app ranging from shopping to entertainment to productivity.  Offering ShowKit as an platform and sdk allows for wide adoption and keeps us flexible and cost effective.

Our initial target markets will be telecommunications, concierge and the mobile workforce.  Customer support in these markets are traditionally high-touch, and they are feeling the biggest pain and are some of the biggest losers when it comes to supporting their mobile customers.  We also have received the most interest and traction with enterprises in these markets.


Why invest now?

 We’re an experienced team of mobile, real-time video and VoIP experts.  With limited funding and a small team we’ve executed on building a great product and have attracted some of the largest companies in the world.  We were finalists at TechCrunch Disrupt NY, which has given us a lot of exposure.  We currently have paying customers ranging from startups to enterprise, and almost $500k in sales.  We’ve done all of this with under $500k in total funding.





  • Anthony Kelani
    Anthony Kelani | Founder
    CEO and Co-Founder of ShowKit. 10+ years of software development experience. Previously Head of Mobile R&D, Northrop Grumman and Head of Engineering, Curious Minds Incubator. BS Computer Engineering and Computer Science from USC.
  • Emily Sipchen
    Emily Sipchen | Founder
    Emily is a Co-Founder of ShowKit, leading the company's business development and marketing efforts.
Business model

We license our technology to companies and charge a flat monthly fee per customer support agent seat.  We also charge for additional development and integration services.

We also partner and intergrate with cloud call center solutions, CRMs, 3rd party developer tools and app development studios, which allow us to distribute ShowKit to a larger range of potential customers


Competitive advantage

Patent Pending Technology - The only Apple Store approved solution that allows co-navigation inside of a native iOS app

Highly Scalable - Data streams between devices are peer-to-peer, so none of video data goes through our servers

Simple Integration - Sign up, download SDK, integrate into any app with a couple lines of code

Seamless - ShowKit integrates directly into a company's app providing a seamless mobile customer support layer inside of that app.  ShowKit also integrates directly into any customer support agent console providing the agent with a seamless experience inside of the tools they already use.

Robust - Real-time mobile video is hard; mobile network conditions vary. Our algorithm adjusts video quality dynamically based on quality of network connection.

Secure - All connections and data streams are encrypted

FlexibleMobile-to-Mobile enables functionality between 2 mobile devices, Mobile-to-Web enables functionality between a mobile device and a web-based application on a desktop computer, Cross-platform between iOS and Android



 Curious Minds is a hybrid incubator-accelerator-angel investor firm designed for startup founders with entrepreneurship in their DNA. We nurture great ideas into Minimum Viable Products and then into independent revenue-generating companies....