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Shout The Good

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Shout The Good
An app that scores your social good
San Ramon, California, United States United States
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Company description

Shout The Good is a free social app that provides a powerful character score and unique personality profile for every person with an online footprint. Shout offers you the tools to increase your score and your positive social impact by shouting the good about others. 

As a brand, we believe that our words and actions have a deep effect on the world. More than we can ever imagine. There are numerous apps and social media platforms where users post negative comments about others—some anonymously, and we’ve seen the devastating effects these statements can have on a person.

Shout’s mission is to inspire people to recognize the best in others and move them to tell their friends what makes them special. Because, you never know the power that one word or uplifting message could have on someone’s life.










Awards and Mentions
Business model

LinkedIn for Your Personal Character Profile

You want to find out more about a person. You Google them, you look at their LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and the list goes on. There is an overwhelming amount of information that you can find, but nothing really tells you the type of person they are and whether or not they're the kind of person you see yourself hiring, dating, being employed by, etc. This information is essential to be able to make informed decisions in our everyday lives, but currently there is not a single platform that provides this personal content. Until now, no platform existed to tell us about an individual’s character and the personality traits they embody.

Shout is at the forefront of personalized big data that gives us unique insight into the people and brands we interact with. As this data becomes increasingly vital to our interactions with one another, we will be able to provide premium accounts to:

  1. Consumers interested in deeper levels of data about themselves, their friends and consumer brands.
  2. Recruiters seeking employees that fit into their culture and have the right attitude.
  3. Brands that want data about their image and the people most likely to spread positive experiences about them.
  4. Dating apps and sites that want deeper layers of information on its members that go beyond appearance and the basics.   
  5. Locations and places that want geo-fenced or brand specific scores and traits for neighborhoods, cities, celebrities, sport teams and public figures. 
  6. Advertisers that want insights into the people most likely to purchase their products and services. 

We will make money by offering premium accounts to users and brands who seek in depth consumer profiles. 


Launch Strategy

  • Shout’s launch strategy is two-fold. Prior to publicly releasing the beta on August 17th, 2015, we tested the private beta among college students at USC and St. Mary’s College where we enlisted ambassadors/interns to solicit feedback from classmates and host focus groups about the beta. We also compiled emails during this period for our app waiting list.
  • Since our launch on August 17th, we have continued to expand our college ambassador program at USC and St. Mary’s as well as recruit new students at UC Berkeley, UCLA and UC Irvine. These students will serve as “mini-marketers” to solicit app downloads among students, promote engagement on the app and provide feedback to our marketing and product teams as we continue to refine the app’s UI and design. Students are comprised of influencers across varying segments of student body, fraternity/sorority heads, student govt., entrepreneurs and volunteer leaders, etc.
  • For the second part of our launch strategy, Shout the Good will engage in city-based marketing outreach in San Francisco and Los Angeles to spread the word about Shout and retain active users and reviews. In order to reach the largest audience of Millennials, Shout will hire and form a small group of young, hip “street teams” to promote Shout in coordination with other city-wide events like concerts, street fairs, volunteer events, and outdoor festivals between now and early Spring in order to get a large number of app downloads and reviews. Shout SWAG will be distributed and social media/traditional media will be used to promote the marketing efforts.  
Competitive advantage

1. The Only Score That Matters

Shout is the ultimate social discovery platform designed to showcase a person’s character, values and affirming messages from the people that know them best.Shout is one of the only social apps that connects to multiple social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and the user’s phone book, allowing them to have a wide range of connections from which to give and receive character feedback.

Beyond the character profile, the guiding aspect of the platform is the Shout Score. By using a mix of natural language processing algorithms, Bayesian probability and Shout’s native design, Shout’s proprietary algorithm analyzes all social media posts and determines their level of positivity resulting in a score from 1-100. This scoring process is meant to hold people accountable for the things they say and do and encourage people to have a positive impact on those in their networks.  


2. Millennial Market

Social Media users age 18-35 have started migrating away from traditional social platforms like Facebook seeking a fresher, more relevant experience. The millennial demographic is increasingly using social media for all things in life – finding a job, finding a date and forming friendships. Today 33% of couples have met onlineBy 2040 this number will rise to 70%. And 76% of employers use Facebook to screen candidates and 48% using LinkedIn. As we rely on online data to base some of our most important and costly decisions, it is imperative that we have a simple platform that shows us a solid picture of who someone is as a person and whether or not we’d date them, hire them, work for them, or select them as our doctor or child’s teacher. The results from an original survey taken by this demographic informed us that 84% would be “moderately to extremely interested in knowing the different qualities their friends would endorse them for, like being honest, caring, or generous,” and 88% were “moderately to extremely interested in using an app that shows them scores for how positive their friends are on social media.” 


3. Disrupting Negativity on Social Media

Our founders are passionate about being THE balancing force on social media and shining a light on the positive attributes and character traits we all embody. There is so much negativity online and there needs to be place people can go to be upllifted and hear positive things about themselves. Shout is the go-to destination to hear what people value most about you and where you can shout the good about others. It a place we can uplift one another and at the same time get to know people on a deeper level -- who they are as a person -- instead of just see things they post about themselves. #shoutthegood #howgoodareyou?


4. Founders Past Successes

Payam Zamani (Co-Founder & CEO) has founded several successful internet-based companies with two of them achieving revenues in excess of $60M and one successfully completing an IPO and reaching a market capitalization at $1.2B. Having started his first company in 1994, he is an Internet pioneer and also an active angel investor in many startups.

Justin Baldoni (Co-Founder) is an actor, director and social entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to inspiring good in the world by producing compelling, cause-related digital media campaigns, which have garnered over 25M YouTube viewers. Justin is currently co-starring in the Golden Globe-nominated television series “Jane the Virgin.” 


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