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Shore Communications
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Westport, Connecticut, United States United States
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Looking for an edge in today's competitive publishing markets? You're in the right place.

Shore Communications Inc. provides consulting and research services to guide your marketing efforts in enterprise and media publishing. Leading publishing and content technology executives engage Shore to get highly actionable strategic insights into how to succeed in today's business, scholarly and public content marketplaces from one of the content industry's most recognized and respected consulting teams.

Shore can help you to:

Know your markets. Through Shore research you can understand in detail the people who use, purchase and deploy your content - what they do, what they need and what they expect from your products and services.

Define your strategy. Shore consultants can help you to define effective marketing strategies for content products and services based on solid research, market intelligence and thought leadership that provides deep insights into the rapidly changing content marketplace.

Implement with success. Shore can evaluate your product and marketing implementation plans to identify the key features and marketing resources that are going to help you meet your goals.

Shore is unique in its focus on understanding not just content or technology or users but the complex interplay between these forces that create value in today's content marketplace.  This positioning is important to our clients who need to position both old and new businesses in a rapidly evolving publishing environment that allows more individuals and institutions than ever before to create value through publishing.

Shore offers you a variety of services for your needs:

Private consulting and confidential advisory services  that can give you and your staff valuable insights to guide your management, marketing and implementation strategies.

Published research on key trends, products and services in the content and related technologies marketplaces.

Commentary on today's latest news and events, delivered via online and and email publications, online conferences and in-person presentations.

Shore delivers these services through a virtual team of industry experts that is highly valued for their independence and honesty.  Shore does not try to "spin" its view of the marketplace for the purposes of its clients or prospects, ensuring that you will find information and views that are unbiased and trustworthy. 

Shore places a high value on its founding principles that dedicate us to delivering high levels of creative performance in everything that we seek to achieve, both in services to you and in our relationships with one another and our communities.  We hope that our unique outlook will inspire you as much as our work. Our success speaks for itself!

  • john blossom
    john blossom | Team member
    Mr. Blossom's career spans more than twenty years of marketing, research, product management and development in advanced information and media venues, including major financial publishers and financial services companies (Citicorp, Quotron and...
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