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Boutique Shopping Community - Browse...Share...Buy!
Palo Alto, California, United States United States
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Company description

Shoppista is a cutting-edge software platform for boutique selling & shopping. 

We enable merchants to easily & cost-effectively sell their products online by creating branded  "microstores" loaded with merchandising features. These storefronts can effectively house several hundred products with appropriate navigation.

Brand building messages & products can be distributed with one-click to social networks like Facebook & Twitter with a link to learn more & purchase product. Product sales are transacted on the Shoppista marketplace with our integrated, secure shopping cart. 

Our platform can be used to create and execute flash sales (like Gilt) or pop-up stores & trunk shows in less than an hour.

Shoppers can follow their favorite stores & brands and, in effect, create their own shopping centers consisting of stores and brands that interest them.  They can share items of interest with friends with the ability to purchase, connected seamlessly to the "share".  They can complete their purchases across all merchants with one checkout.

We see a gigantic opportunity to re-invent the online shopping environment by giving sellers better tools to express their creativity and buyers a more fun way to discover and buy merchandise. 

Business model

Shoppista is free to shoppers. 

We charge sellers set-up charge, hosting & a commission on sales.

We also see the opportunity to generate ad revenue as we grow.
Our database can also be mined for valuable trend data. 
There is also the opportunity to create virtual goods to market to our shopping community.