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Company description

ShopPad allows retailers to deliver beautiful shopping experiences to their customers on any device.


Our SaaS solution solves the multi-channel problem by integrating with a retailer’s E-Commerce store. Once installed, ShopPad provides native support for smartphones, tablets and in-store kiosks.


In 2013 over $16M of mobile transactions were placed through our platform.


Today, with over 15,000 ShopPad-powered stores, we leverage our aggregated network of stores to help retailers solve problems of scale in areas of conversion, marketing, identity, iBeacons and beyond.


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Business model

Monthly SaaS fee ranging from $15 - $65, depending on level of customization control & features.

Competitive advantage

ShopPad allows retailers to be up and running on all the devices their customers are shopping from in a matter of minutes, without having to write a single line of code. Once activated, retailers see an instant boost in conversion rate and a decrease in cart abandonment.


Questions & Answers

Q: What's the market you're after?

A: Every year SMB retailers spend $2.3B on E-Commerce software with the fastest growing areas coming from their investments in SaaS and mobility. 

With desktop E-Commerce revenue flattening, retailers must turn to mobile platforms to fuel their growth. Yet, the costs and technical knowledge required to meet the demands of their multi-channel shoppers are prohibitive for most SMBs.

With one integration to ShopPad, retailers can solve their multi-channel problems by leveraging our mobile commerce suite. These products work together to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience across all of their favorite devices.

Q: How do you stand out from your competitors?

A: Our multi-channel capabilities along with our focus on E-Commerce allow us to deliver superior shopping experiences that set us apart in the mobilization space. 

Q: How are you getting distribution?

A: We have partnered with the leading E-Commerce platforms to expand our reach and accelerate our distribution to SMB retailers in need of a mobile strategy.