Location: 202-6 Gurdwara Rd, Ottawa, Canada Canada
Founded in: 2004
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 6-15
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Ottawa, Canada Canada
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Company description

ShopLiftr provides the easiest way to increase digital campaign engagement and drive in-store sales.  By combining the technology and the content brands require to make the biggest impact, we empower CPGs to create effective omni-channel experiences, eliminating the complexity of other solutions.

  • Nathan Hall
    Nathan Hall | Team member
    Driven to develop, implement, and grow digital strategies that build, promote, and strengthen brands and improve customer experience- my skill-set helps bridge the gap between marketing, IT and overall business strategy. Armed with a deep understa...
Business model

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Competitive advantage

Our SHOPPR Engine is a proprietary database that houses the largest real-time collection of locally advertised grocery trade promotions.