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Sherlock, based out of Brooklyn, New York  is the un - agency. We teach small businesses, startups and nonprofits the ins and outs of digital marketing so they can set up accounts and measure performance without having to pay a hefty agency retainer. We also offer advanced classes for people looking to become specialists, walk through the details of getting SEM certifications. Once your accounts are up and running we audit your account to make sure you're making the most of your advertising budget, complete with a personal consultation and review of your results. We empower NYC startups and small businesses to spend more of their marketing budgets on marketing.

About Sherlock

Sherlock seeks to empower the small to mid-sized business owner to compete in the digital landscape. By teaching the fundamentals of digital marketing, best practices of multiple paid advertising platforms and various strategies among the multiple platforms, Sherlock’s industry certified professionals looks to equip the millions of local business with the knowledge to compete with both local competitors and industry leaders. For more information on the Brooklyn-based ed/tech start-up, visit