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A collaboration tool for sharing sensitive data.  It brings better control over the process of sharing Company files stored in public clouds as well as to enable those Companies to migrate into more secure, local storages for setting on-premises local cloud.  

The ultimate solution brings new generation BYOD experience for Business and Enterprise that can be ported in seconds, giving to the project owners full control over the resources that are shared. container where the shared files are stored at third party laptops, mobile devices disables users of those properties to move them out of this container as well as disables them to make screenshots of shared documents. works with NAS vendors to leverage existing infrastructure, but for smaller Companies or end users, was prepared new alternative - that was designed to be simple for use and nice looking.  This device as well as NAS is important part of business approach which requires 24/h access to shared files when the PC/MAC is off.

Business model

Freemium model with simply business model - 1 Project (Group) Free version, Unlimited Projects (Groups) 49 USD/month or  300 USD/year. 

Competitive advantage utilize existing Public Clouds giving extra control over shared files, adds timeline experience for shared files, Is around 20* faster than existing network protocols like SIFS/SAMBA and can leverage existing NAS infrastructure. 

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Innovation Nest - Unconfirmed
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