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Location: PO Box 3016, Basalt, Colorado, United States United States
Founded in: 2010
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Sharing Profiles

Connecting locals.
Basalt, Colorado, United States United States

Sharing Profiles is a network of resort-based websites including Resort Locals, Resort Workers, Resort Renters and Resort Pix. Our online communities (consisting of local profiles of workers, employers, renters, businesses, events, etc.), meet the unique employment, housing and lifestyle needs of resort-town locals and tourists alike.

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Resort Locals, the news and information arm of Sharing Profiles, was created for both resort-town locals and tourists. Users enjoy curated news and information, access to the latest statistics, trivia, local deals, resource centers. Users can become news contributors, sharing their local perspective. Resort Locals incorporates elements from the following sister sites (see example: Aspen).

ResortWorkers is an online employment resource connecting employers with part-time workers, independent contractors and full-time employees in resort towns. With over 200 job categories to choose from, local workers can post a profile that matches their specific skill set while local hirers can find the right worker for the job. We also post job openings that are truly local and vetted. See profile example from Hire Me Aspen, our initial test site.

Resort Renters (under construction) is an online housing resource connecting renters with rentals in resort towns.

Resort Pix offers the best of resort towns, simplified. We're all short on time, so Resort Pix curates the top PICKs (reviews) into short and sweet descriptions - 2 to 3 sentences at most - offering a quick glimpse into the local favorites, all based on local input. (see example: Best of Aspen).

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    Constance Hammond | Team member
    A self-proclaimed “Idea Woman,” I love all things creative. One of those creative endeavors includes brainstorming with friends or clients. I find it satisfying when passionate conversations turn into problems solved or options develo...
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