Location: to be updated, Barcelona, Spain
Founded in: 2017
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Barcelona, Spain
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Company description

The live map of what is happening right now around Eager for answering what is going on here and now, Sharify turned Google Maps into an open-sourced real-time map that allows people, local businesses and brands share every city micro-moment in just three clicks: what, when and where, creating the first open-sourced map to share what is happening right now. Sharify started as the map where people in the city can share moments such as going to a concert, sharing some beers and visiting together a museum with others nearby and is now the map where also businesses and brands can share local content through Sharify. Sharify aims to recover the word "share": not to share a tweet, a post or a like, but a football match, playing the guitar and our daily coffee-breaks. Sharify is planning the internationalization of the marketing campaign in order to expand from the now map of Barcelona to the worldwide's one.

Business model

So far it was a problem in online advertising on providing meaningful content to relevant target. Not because they weren't interested in, but because the ad didn't show up in the correct context. Sharify now lets businesses communicate efficiently.

We reached a segmentation that cannot Google, Facebook or Snapchat. For the very first time, a brand can impact the person doing the right thing, in the right place and in the right moment, by empowering users to share real-life moments such as going to a concert, running or taking some beers.

Competitive advantage

Unique Social Network to share real-things. Not tweets as Twitter and posts in Faxcebook and likes at Instagram. At Sharify we share music, sport and city walks.

Optimization of the user Experience: everybody can share every moment in just three clicks: what, when and where.

Unique advertising tool for local businesses: We let businesses promote them to the person doing the right thing in the right place and in the right moment.

The ultimate community-map for Smart Cities: Sharify is the map where users, businesses and events meet through a real-time map, to let citizens know about everything happening around.