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SfunCube is the world’s only incubator and accelerator dedicated to solar. Our mission is to support solar entrepreneurs to succeed.

We are an epicenter of solar innovation in the heart of the Bay Area. Entrepreneurs working to spread solar with smart software, finance, and analytic solutions are housed and given the resources to scale.


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Business model

Solar is a $100 billion dollar business worldwide and one of world’s fastest growing industries. The price of solar hardware, like panels and inverters, has crashed. Now we need start-up ingenuity to reduce the soft costs like financing, customer acquisition, and installation. Trillions of dollars will be invested and made in solar in the decades to come as we transition to a new energy economy. We put solar entrepreneurs in the position to lead that transition.

SfunCube is an invitation-only community for solar start-ups. Creating an awesome ecosystem means keeping the quality of companies high. If you’re a solar entrepreneur and want to be surrounded by the best solar start-ups in the country, we want you to join us. Please contact us to apply to the Incubator or Accelerator.


SfunCube Incubator provides over 10k square feet of Class A office space right on the water, overlooking the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our LEED certified building sports a professional lobby, has 24 hour access and security, and is above some of Oakland’s finest restaurants. Solar entrepreneurs in the Incubator pay one flat fee for unlimited access to the working space, conference rooms, and common areas.



SfunCube Accelerator is a 9-month program for solar entrepreneurs.

Founders and their start-ups receive free rent at SfunCube for the 9-month duration of the program while being surrounded by the nation’s leading early stage solar companies in the Incubator. In addition, entrepreneurs receive a $10k cash investment, pro bono business services from the Bay Area’s leading lawyers, management consultants, and marketing firms, connections to the industries leading mentors, and connections to capital. This investment is in exchange for a small equity stake i.e. we have a vested interest in supporting your success.



Competitive advantage

What Makes Us Unique?

Two qualities make us unique. First, we are solar specific. Most accelerators try to cover too many industries and the quality of their startups, advisors, and investors are compromised. By focusing exclusively on solar, we have attracted the best startups, advisors, and investors in the industry. Second, we put entrepreneurs needs ahead of our own. Most accelerators take on too many start-ups and force everyone to complete the same curriculum, classes, and homework. At SfunCube, we accept a very select group of startups and tailor our resources and network to suit their needs as seen in the quote below from John Bourne, Founder of BrightCurrent, a start-up in the Accelerator.

“We’ve been in other accelerators where you are one of a hundred of startups all vying for connections and recognition as you’re forced to complete worksheets and handouts. Luckily SfunCube is not that kind of place. At SfunCube I’m surrounded by smart and inspiring people leading the solar industry forward every day. The relatively limited number of companies and the focus on solar is unique from my experience with accelerators, and it helps explain the personalized attention we get here.”