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Company description
SezWho offers a Wordpress and Moveable Type plug-in to enhance blog comments. It allows users to rate each comment, helping to separate good comments from noise, and letting individual commenters to develop a reputation over time. SezWho also offers some basic social-networking features. For example, it lets users track a specific commenter’s comments across all SezWho-enabled sites, helping to drive traffic to older blog posts, and allowing commenters to get to know each other better. As of November 2007, SezWho has over 100,000 users at more than 300 blogs.
Business model
SezWho: Cross-connects blogs and other social mediums based on common participants Identifies and highlights the best user generated content making it easy to find quality content Enables readers to browse user generated content based on the users Enables site owners to drive traffic by leveraging their community Provide context on the contributors in your community(see image below) Lowers the bar for participation by empowering readers to contribute by voting Incentivizes positive contribution by rewarding contributors with "portable credibilty"