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Company description

Service Jobs Now (SJN) is an online networking site working to introduce applicants looking for jobs in the hospitality service industry with employers looking for work. SJN is a place for hospitality employers such as Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, and Nightclubs to post job openings, shifts, or just their profile to be noticed by eager applicants looking for work. Applicants are able to create profiles and submit resumes to venues of their choice, without the hassle of leaving home, paying for parking and transportation, or even printing a resume. SJN is taking the industry with the highest turn over rate and streamlining the hiring process; making it easier and cheaper for both employer and employee to find the perfect working relationship in the quickest amount of time.

Business model

Competitive advantage

The competitive advantage the creators of have is that they are on the inside of the service industry.  Both founders have extensive experience in club and restaurant management and understand the needs of hiring managers and part time/full time service industry professionals.  Jonathan is currently managing a venue with 100+ emloyees and will be implementing into the company's Human Resource Department.  The company has 5 venues in its collection with over 500 positions that require filling as they become vacant.