Social Intelligence for the Individual
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The Problem :

What does one need to grow professionally?

1. Go to the right events

2. Meet the right people

Both of which would help you to go to the next level in your career and your life.

Given the shortage of time and attention span, alongwith information overload - how does one achieve that?

The Solution :

Sepalz gives you a 3D X-Ray vision into your network and your surroundings, so you could discover the right events to go to, the best people to meet who could take you to the next level in your career and your life.

And then automagically helps you remember, where you went and who you met - when, where and why!

A highly powerful way to network based on identifty and intent - Sepalz gives you the ability to have different identities & intents for different contexts and events and dynamically change them on the fly. It mirrors our daily lives where you could have multiple identities of having a day-job, be a moonlighting entrepreneur and a volunteer for a charity, and publish whichever identity & intent is relevant depending on the event and the context you are in.

 The Sepalz Team :

The Sepalz team consists of : Mobile App development experts, a Game Producer, UX experts, PHDs in Data Mining and backend experts. It includes ex-Google, ex-Apple employees & Stanford, Cornell, Purdue alumni. We have a serial entreprneur and a stnford/berkeley professor in Data Mining on the Advisory board.

Technology :

Sepalz has 8 patents on the Technology used in the Product and includes location-based and Machine Learning used in it. It has web as well as Mobile Apps through which users can access the ability to find & connect with valuable new people.

Business Model :

The Apps free for the users. Revenue Streams - Corporate Memberships and Partnerships, Access to Analytics.

Awards and Mentions
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    Won the Grand Prize at the CAPE Business Plan Competition out of 400 initial Startup applicants of which 25 got to pitch.