Sentio Solutions / Feel Program

Sentio Solutions / Feel Program
Feel - Emotion Sensor & Mental health Advisor
San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Company description

Sentio Solutions is developing digital therapeutics and biomarkers for mental health. Its premier offering, the Feel Program, is an end-to-end solution for mental healthcare that combines emotion recognition technology with real-time, AI-driven interventions, 24/7/365 personalized support, and access to therapists. The program benefits individuals who are at-risk or suffering from depression, anxiety, high stress, and burn-out through benefits sponsored by their health plan or employer. 

Feel Program consists of: 

  • Feel Emotion Sensor: The Feel Emotion Sensor monitors and tracks users’ emotional well-being 24/7. It helps them find patterns and develop emotional awareness.
  • Feel App: The Feel smartphone App is connected with the emotion sensor and based on how users feel, identifies changes in their emotional states and gives them the right advice at the right time. It also includes various tools, activities, and resources, and helps people track their progress throughout the program and develop coping mechanisms and better emotional habits.
  • Licensed Feel Therapist: The dedicated Licensed Feel Therapist uses the data from the Feel App and creates a tailor-made program for the users. All the sessions take place via video call, so that the users don’t need to leave the convenience of their home.
  • Online Educational Program: The users can boost their well-being by accessing an online educational program with tools and exercises.








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Business model

Our business model is B2B2C, supporting people with anxiety, depression, stress-related illness, and burn-out through benefits sponsored by their health and life plan or employer. The purpose of our product is to provide immediate access to mental health supportive resources that are engaging and effective at an affordable cost, in order to improve outcomes and engagement, reduce unnecessary ER, UC, and hospital readmissions and medium to long-term risk. 

Competitive advantage

The Feel Program is an end-to-end offering compared to the point solutions that exist currently in the market and offers a unique combination of objective & contextual data to define an individual’s emotional state and emotional patterns, AI-driven digital therapeutics, and telehealth that are tailored to the individual’s needs to provide unparalleled engagement and effectiveness in half the cost of traditional approaches. Unlike other solutions, the program also addresses the needs of providers by enhancing their practice with unique data that haven’t been available to them before. That makes them more effective as well as more efficient as they can now handle larger caseloads at any given time, which additionally solves the problem of provider shortage across the world, without having to sacrifice the human, professional touch in mental health for a purely digital substitute. Furthermore, our unique approach to data gives unique proximity to our user, a unique understanding of their needs and enables us to be there for them 24/7/365 in a much more tailored, personalized and effective way than was ever possible before. 

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