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Company description

People share their opinion on any topic in video. There is a social software layer, much like Twitter, to follow the conversation. Loic calls it the "CNN of my friends."

There are 2,000 videos posted per day with only 1,500 people subscribed to the stealth site. 

  • Loic Le Meur
    Loic Le Meur | Team member
    Founder & CEO of video conversation site, organizer of Europe's largest web conference, blogger since 2003, former member of the French President's campaign team on Internet campaigns and proud father of 3 boys.
Business model

Business models:

1) Subscription, like on Flickr

2) Advertising on free version

3) Licensing the Seesmic platform/technology to brands/contents 

4) Mobile



Competitive advantage
Amazing group of angels that have put $6 million into the company. Those angels include Steve Case, Reid Hoffman, Ron Conway, etc.