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With Seenit you can activate the largest film crew you will ever fans. However this isn't just targeting fans, co-create video with employees, researchers and experts around the world.

Seenit helps brands and organisations to create video with their audiences. Fans and employees become mobile film crews at your fingertips. 
We have built a platform which makes it is easy to direct, collect and curate video from any smartphone, anytime anywhere. 
Simply outline a story with your message and load it into the Seenit Capture app together with your branding. 
Call out to your target 'crew' and see clips coming in in real time. Turn this content quickly into professional videos with our online editor that you're proud to share with the world. 
Don't worry if you're not Guy Ritchie, that's why we have built a network of experienced editors who can assist you throughout the video creation.
Now you can keep up with the pace and demand of social media without losing control over if and how the content is shared. 

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Business model

We operate on a pay as you go project basis and an ongoing subscription model for our platform.

In addition we chage for film edits using editors from our crowd-sourced editor pool.

Competitive advantage

Seenit makes collecting, reviewing and editing video from smartphones a streamlined process that allows brands and organisations push relevant and conversational video to their channels.

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