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Mountain View, California, United States United States
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Seat Puzzle is an iPad app that helps you plan a wedding reception. Import your guest list, arrange tables, the dance floor, and the DJ Booth (and more!), and figure out who sits with who.

Making a seating chart and managing RSVPs is a stressful part of wedding planning. You have to keep track of incoming RSVP cards and figure out a system to record responses, meals, song requests, etc. Seat Puzzle organizes all that stuff.

Seat Puzzle was originally designed for the couple getting married, but soon (after early customer feedback) it was clear that professional wedding planners themselves could use a solution for managing their clients' events.

Seat Puzzle is a breath of fresh air in a market where most of the tools are web-based, require the clunky flash player, and are priced to take advantage of wedding budgets. Seat Puzzle is designed for mobile and is priced at only $4.99.