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Number of employees: 6-15
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Grand Prize Winner First Place- Total prize worth: $46,000 Rackspace 1K/month server services for 12 months - $12,000 Microsoft Bizspark Software - $15,000 Figment, 2-3 minute startup video- $5,000 NephoScale, 1k/month of hosting for 6months- $6,000 TaskUs, an on demand workforce - $3,000 TeamSupport, leading cusomer support platform: - $5,000 Slot in the NewME Accelerator 2013 pending review


Healthy kid food. Delivered.
SF/Bay Area, California, United States United States
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Company description

Scrumpt provides busy parents with all of the instructions and ingredients needed to provide healthy food for their little ones. Our primary product is the Scrumpt Lunch Kit which contains everything needed to make  3 or 5 days worth of kid-friendly lunches. Best of all, its delivered straight to your door! Focused on sustainable sourcing, our products come from farmers and passionate food makers, and are carefully curated by our panel of physicians, nutritionists, and dedicated moms.









  • Briana James
    Briana James | Founder
    My passion for ideas and innovation has propelled me through life. Soon after beginning my professional career in law, I caught the startup up bug and dove head-first into the entrepreneurial unknown.
  • Robert Wasenmueller
    Robert Wasenmueller | Founder
    I'm a graduate student of mathematics, and online entrepreneur. Motivated by the vision of American kids eating healthier foods, I'm supporting Scrumpt on the technical side.
  • John S
    John S | Team member
    Stanford engineering graduate student seeking to innovate products, transform expectations and empower lives.
  • Lea Troeh
    Lea Troeh | Team member
    Connector extraordinaire. I am more analog than digital, so people and ideas are my domains. Farming, running, reading, crafting, cooking, teaching, meeting.
Business model

Scrumpt uses a hybrid grocery delivery and subscription model.

We’re able to keep margins low because non-perishables are provided by brand partners for free or deeply discounted. Scrumpt has positioned itself as a marketing middleman that is able to get brands directly into the homes and mouths of prospective consumers. With Scrumpt, brands are not competing with the dozens of other products fighting for attention on grocery store shelves. They also have the additional stamp of approval from Scrumpt’s panel of nutritionists, pediatricians and dedicated moms, creating a valuable co-marketing opportunity for both Scrumpt and our brand partners.

Pricing Model: We’ve based our pricing on product costs, competitor pricing and parent surveys. While Scrumpt costs more than an average school lunch (which ranged from $3.00 to $7.00), parents surveyed considered Scrumpt’s unit price affordable and comparable to what they spend packing lunch themselves.

Communication Strategy & Product Awareness:  Because America’s $36 billion parenting sector is controlled by mothers who are a particularly viral group, our communication strategy focuses on digital:

  • On average, Internet using moms make 73 weekly brand mentions

  • Moms account for one-fourth of all video streams occurring on social networks, and are also more likely to post their own content.

  • 56% of moms are likely to purchase after a positive brand conversation and 55% are likely to recommend

  • 79% of moms with children under the age of 18 are active in social media; 43% of those moms use social media daily and have bought something for their children because of a recommendation from one of these sites

By tapping into this network of social sharing moms, and creating outlets and incentives on our website for parents to share their Scrumpt experience and build a community with other parents, we will have a group of evangelists eager and able to introduce potential customers to Scrumpt.

We also have a collection of bloggers with backgrounds in dietetics, nutrition, and pediatrics who create owned-content for the site to reach the 20.8 million moms who read blogs. This will drive traffic directly to Scrumpt’s site.

Environmental Changes: Although child obesity is a trending topic, child wellness is always a parents’ concern. And as market taste change, so can Scrumpt’s offerings. WIth both online and offline solutions, Scrumpt can stay agile and evolve with the market. With on-going focus groups and diligent product testing, Scrumpt can keep it’s pulse on marketplace, stay abreast of customer needs and ahead of market shifts.


Competitive advantage

Enter Scrumpt. Delivered directly to your door weekly, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly, parents and children can expect a trusted, hassle-free and smart lunch option that provides relief to the busy household and makes healthy eating fun.   

Unlike school lunch, where parents have no involvement in the lunch-making process, Scrumpt provides child-centered parents a convenient option that still allows them to preserve some ownership over the lunch-making process and offers an opportunity for parent and child to engage over food.

The Scrumpt website will operate not only as an e-commerce site, but a child’s health information and engagement platform featuring internally developed blog content, parent forums and online events like “Ask a nutritionist”.

Social Involvement: Scrumpt additionally prides itself on corporate responsibility, community engagement and childhood health advocacy. Along with changing the face of childhood eating, Scrumpt is committed to fighting both American hunger and obesity (issues at the opposite end of the food policy spectrum, but both caused by lack of access to healthy foods) and will commit a portion of its profits, every month, to a featured anti-hunger/pro-health campaign.