Preventing medication errors at the point-of-care through individualized prescription risk assessment
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Company description

ScriptGuard is an emerging health information technology company that has developed a point-of-care application to reduce medication errors and prevent prescription fraud and abuse.  ScriptGuard's unique, proprietary technology closes the information gap between medical providers, improves medication reconciliation, enhances prescriber validation, protects professional licenses, and fosters more effective patient encounters.  

ScriptGuard's cloud-based application seamlessly integrates with any Electronic Health Record (EHR) and/or Hospital Information System.  A licensed prescriber or pharmacist queries the ScriptGuard system for their patient, which sends a secure request to ScriptGuard’s data partners. The patient information is then securely returned to ScriptGuard, where it's synthesized in seconds to display real-time medication history and critical prescription alerts.  Each patient report is sourced only by the request of the treating medical provider and no Personal Health Information (PHI) is stored within the ScriptGuard system.

ScriptGuard’s real-time medication history and drug information prevent medication errors in the emergency department, and throughout all points of care within a health care system.  By delivering the most accurate and comprehensive prescription information, doctors and nurses can effectively manage a patient’s medications, reduce the likelihood of adverse drug events, protect their professional liability, and improve each patient encounter.  







Business model

Our target customers are hospitals, urgent care centers, surgical centers, and nursing homes. Our initial rollout will focus on hospitals.  There are over 5,700 hospitals in the United States with approximately 200 beds each.  Each customer will pay for the ScriptGuard service via a monthly subscription fee (based on the number of hospital beds) pursuant to a long-term contract.  The monthly subscription fee includes all data feeds, operational reporting, solution hosting, technical support, user training, and implementation services.  It also includes (customer) network activity reporting, network analytics and administrative controls.  

The accurate, real-time medication history and analytic alert engine will enhance the clinical excellence and financial performance of the medical facility and protect medical providers. 

Medical providers are not charged for the system as their access is paid for through a license agreement with the pharmacy/health system/medical group/insurer they work for.  The recurring annual fee includes a data package, technical support, system updates, system maintenance and hosting, as well as continued system training (if necessary).  


Sales & Marketing 

Three pilot studies are scheduled to begin in April of 2015 with two academic medical centers and one for-profit hospital. These studies will be conducted along-side the hosting medical center to obtain a proof of concept for the ScriptGuard system and a partner to testify to its effectiveness.  These studies will examine the impact of ScriptGuard on the clinical effectiveness, provider workflows, and risk mitigation in the emergency department.  In exchange for their participation and help with ensuring proper testing and management of the system, all of the pilot partners will receive special, discounted pricing. Each pilot partner will co-author the clinical white paper (for their respective study) with ScriptGuard.  These organizations will work with the ScriptGuard research team to develop areas of focus, benchmarks for success, and execution plans to deliver desired metrics.

All pilot customers will work with the ScriptGuard team to measure the organizational and financial impact of the solution as it works to protect their bottom line, medical integrity, and streamline operations.

Key statistical data from the studies will be used for marketing material, such as low cost of integration and implementation, reduction in spending, reduction in medication errors and adverse drug events, improved patient results, and improvements in business operations.  

ScriptGuard's senior management and advisors have strong relationships with key decision-makers within group puchasing organizations, emergency physician contracting services, physician associations, pharmacy associations, and hospital associations.  These relationships will be used to create channel partnerships within these organizations to increase exposure of the significant data findings in the pilot study and strengthen the ScriptGuard brand as the premier solution in prescription oversight and point-of-care risk mitigation.  The channel partners will have the opportunity to introduce this unique solution, and in turn, creating new high-margin revenues and value to their customers.



Board of Advisors

Dr. John Wheeler, Vice President of the New Hampshire Board of Medicine

Dr. Thomas Scott, Emergency Director for 2 HCA hospitals in New Hampshire

Dr. Kenneth Adler, Chief Medical Information Officer for large medical group in Arizona (56 offices and over 160 practitioners)

Dr. Chad Hardy, past hospital and retail pharmacist and current Epic consultant

Martha Lawrence, former Vice President for Hospital Corporations of America

Scott Rowe, Director of Government Affairs, and past National Sales Director for Pfizer

Michael Joseph, Clinical Informatics and Health Information Technology expert

Douglas Wheeler, former Chief Insurance Regulator for the state of New Jersey

Michael Valentine, Senior Medical Malpractice Litigator 



Competitive advantage

ScriptGuard has access to the largest prescription and provider data sets available, and is the only medication reconciliation solution with an analytic alert engine.  The alert engine, the clinical insights, and user-friendly interface were designed by doctors, nurses, and pharmacists to streamline workflows in the hospital, doctor’s office, and at the pharmacy. ScriptGuard was designed by clinicians that were frustrated with the current technologies available to protect themselves and their patients from medication errors, fraud, and adverse drug events.

Electronic Health Record companies are not able to source all of the different data points that ScriptGuard captures.  ScriptGuard is the only medication reconicliation solution that delivers real-time medication history, drug labeling details, pharmacy details, and prescriber details (including contact, specialty, license information).  While there are companies that offier medication history, they do not offer a physician-designed user interface with as comprehensive of information. ScriptGuard is also the only company that applies a rules-based engine to deliver real-time clinical alerts that prevent medication errors, adverse drug events, and prescription fraud.  

The user interface, comprehensive medication history, provider validation, and clinical alerts separate ScriptGuard from any other solution in the medication reconiciliation space.  The physician-designed user interface and alert engine with closely resonate with all end-users and encourage widespread adoption.

ScriptGuard has a registered trademark on the logo and name of the company.  ScriptGuard also has a utility patent (pending) on the application of our physician-designed clinical alert system to prevent medication erros, adverse drug events, and prescription fraud software application.