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Got Android? Get Paid!!
New York, New York, United States United States
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Company description

ScreenPay is an Android app that works with advertisers, brands and content companies to push ads, discounts, promotions and information programmatically and in real time to the lock screen of a user’s mobile phone.   We are able to get on the lock screen of the phone by renting the space from a user for a flat fee per month.  Part of the “rental” agreement is that the user must provide us with demographic and psychographic information so that we can make the content and adverting more targeted and useful.    For brands, ScreenPay offers a one of a kind and high impact way to engage with their customers based on first party data that we collect.  Users are not incentivized at all to engage with the ads.   This ensures that the reporting that we will provide to advertisers regarding engagement is genuine from the users.  The content we serve does not interfere in any way with a user’s ability to use their phone to make/ receive calls, email, text or any other uses for the phone.   If they want to interact with the ad they can.  If not they can just dismiss the ad. 


While the revenue for the company is from advertising, the value of the company is in the data we are collecting on each user. Attached to this email a sample data profile of a current user.  In addition to the information on the attached profile we collect location, sex, age, zip code, email, IMEI, type of device, carrier and other apps the user has running.  Knowing the apps that a user has running can be extremely useful for retargeting purposes and we can focus our own proper deals/ offers to the users.  




Business model

ScreenPay is paid by advertisers and we pay our users a portion of what we receive from advertisers

Competitive advantage

We have filed our provisional patent application to cover our unique and novel process of serving ads in real time to the loack screen of devices