Where IOT blockchain disrupts wearables in medical science
Tampa, Florida, United States United States
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Company description

SCIX is an innovative biotech IoT application development company that is dedicated to creating science-based and health-related mobile, wearable applications and devices for the healthcare industry.

SCIX is disrupting the $17 Trillion health industry by using digital health and providing wearable applications that can increase health conditions and way of life. Using our permission-based hyper-ledger platform, our technology provides custom analytics and monitoring capabilities through blockchain operations and smart contract enterprises with collective data sources and “proof of change" algorithms to establish patient-focused health solutions. 

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Business model

SCIX Revenue Models

Freemium Model offering 2GB of free cloud data storage, patients can upgrade using tokens to pay for extra space.

Subscription Model - Physicians and health business owners receive usage of technology on a subscription model for content data as service, platform as service, and support and maintenance

Licensing Technology - Licensing could be for usage, which is the model for Intellectual Property (patents, copyrights, trademarks). 

Data Science/Analytics of Data - Selling of comparatives of market research and predictive analytics from data collections.

Competitive advantage

SCIX as an entity holds intellectual property rights through multiple patents submitted to US Patents Office (including algorithms, smart contracts and blockchain technology used); trademarks for markings and brands and copyright protection.