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In less than a year since the release of its app, Scan has seen more than 10 million downloads from the App Store and Android Marketplace and is currently being used in more than 77 countries around the world. Scan will use the new funding for hiring, as well as product and market development. 
Introducing Scan Pages
In addition to the funding, today Scan announced it is taking QR codes to the next level with the introduction of Scan Pages, user-friendly mobile websites accessible via custom QR code or short URL. Scan Pages give businesses and individuals the opportunity to quickly and easily create a mobile profile. Scan Pages bring together everything a business wants to share with its audience in one place including branding, social media, videos, blogs, other valuable content and calls to action. Scan also provides insights into how many times a QR code has been scanned, from where, and other useful statistics for businesses interested in learning about the overall effectiveness of marketing and branding campaigns.
Companies already using Scan Pages to engage with customers and fans include Barneys New York, Kroeger’s, Lady Gaga, People Water and others.
“QR codes and other mobile technologies have always had enormous potential, but until now they have been held back by poor experiences and incomplete products,” said Garrett Gee, CEO and co-founder of Scan. “Scan fulfills the promise of these technologies by creating direct connections and valuable information exchange between businesses and consumers.”