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Say2GO looks like a next-generation Instant Messenger, and it also does many things you would expect from an IM client – but it also does a bunch of whole new things. With Say2GO, you select your buddy and, instead of typing your message, you can just “push-to-talk” to say your message into your microphone. By default, you do “push-to-talk” by pressing and holding the Space button, even though it can be any other configurable button or, a bit later – a fancy wireless gadget with a built-in speaker and microphone and a stylish button, which we’ll be selling to you guys for $19.99 plus S&H :-)

Say2GO delivers your voice message to your buddy and lets him/her listen to it. It also preserves the message in your histories. What’s important – Say2GO also seamlessly recognizes what you’ve just said into text, so your party receives a regular text message from you. It’s that simple. If he or she is also interested in checking on how you said that – then the original voice message can be played back. The accuracy of recognition isn’t always 100%, but it’s usually enough for the recipient to get a clue on what the message is about, and also do a text search through the history later on. The recognition accuracy can be tremendously improved if you train your computer just once to your voice and specifics of your audio system, by following the standard Windows wizard launched for you by Say2GO. Your computer memorizes your voice profile and uses it later on in Say2GO and other Windows applications.