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Company description
Savant is a web-based software platform that allows researchers to gather,
organize, and manage scientific articles while simultaneously allowing the
user to gather the necessary information from the articles and create a
personalized ontology. Savant will ease the data mining process of
previously researched topics and those currently being explored. Savant
will facilitate the experimentation process by cutting the time needed to
conduct preliminary research before beginning experimentation and when
authoring the corresponding publication. The platform will eliminate the
difficulties associated with collaborative projects by employing a
collaborative professional social network. The network will be accessible
to the public free of charge but will be created and maintained by
professional researchers and those with a licensed copy of the software
platform. The personalized ontology a researcher creates and all the
scientific articles used will be accessible to him/her from any computer
with internet access. Upon the discretion of the researcher, their
personalized ontology can be made public for educative purposes or kept
strictly private for collaborative purposes.

Business model
The Savant business model aims to implement a licensing protocol between Savant and large organizations who find their respective competitive viability fundamentally based on research and development. This includes large university systems, private laboratory firms, engineering firms, etc... 
Competitive advantage
Savant maintains a competitive advantage in that it will deliver for the researcher a fully comprehensive software tool that will allow for organization of research materials and efficient communication between international peers within a web2.0 professional network.