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Company description

Send By Click (SBclick) is a mobile platform delivering local content and information via a robust (and free!) iPhone application. Businesses log in with their passwords and can send out their content, consisting of general notifications or special deals. Users receive this information on the iPhone app with respect to their physical location in the community. We invite you to check out our website ( and download our app "SBclick" from the app store on your iPhone, iPad or iTouch! (Note: droid and blackberry apps are currently in the works and will be released soon!)

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Business model

For a small monthly fee, we provide businesses with access to our platform to market themselves in real-time, to local consumers. Users can download our app for free, or visit our website to access this information.  

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Competitive advantage

We are not just another Yelp, Groupon or Where. Our content is local, and controlled by each individual business. Our local merchants enjoy this type of marketing because they have total control; Whether it's an extended happy hour or sale, or a 2-for-1 that's valid today only, local businesses can send out their content as frequently or infrequently as they wish with the upmost flexibility. Users can control what content they see through their profile settings, while businesses can control where their content goes based on SBclick users' profile settings. Targeted, precise and informative-it's all on SBclick.