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San Diego Internet Ads

Specializing in Helping San Diego Small Businesses gain Internet Presence Fast, Easy, & Inexpensively
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San Diego Internet Ads

"Discover How You Can get Your Local Small Business Seen on Google Quickly, Easily, and Very Inexpensively without having to create an Elaborate Website or Spending Thousands of Dollars on Hiring an SEO Firm!"

The Facts:

A study made by TMP Directional Marketing*, the world's largest local search marketing agency, in an effort to try to find the true value of local businesses advertising on the Internet versus traditional offline print media like the Yellow Pages, has revealed a very clear trend.

The study was first made in May of 2007 and then followed up in July of 2008. It shows a big shift in how consumers find local merchants:

This study reveals that search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN have now edged out the traditional phone book advertising as the leading source of information for local customers. This means more local customers are now using the Internet to find local merchants and other businesses online.

Also most people using the Internet looking for a specific product or service are generally in the final stages of their purchase decision and are almost ready, if not all ready, to make a purchase.

The message for local businesses is simple: You need to be found on the Internet.

This is where I can help. What may be surprising to you is it does not take a large investment in an expensive website or hiring a SEO firm.

Through an automated technique that I have personally coached many other Internet Marketers to use I can do for you and your business.

The Truth:

If your a business owner whose target audience can be defined in a specific geographical location such as "San Diego Dentist", "San Marcos Chiropractor", etc., top placement under very targeted keywords specific to the audience you want to reach can be accomplished quickly and quite frankly in a dominating manner by having your Internet Ad more times then not on Page one of the search engines multiply times.

Imagine when someone sits in front of their computer and brings up Google to search for a product or service that you offer in their area this is the kind of results they may see concerning your business:

How is this done exactly?

One of the hottest mediums on the Internet right now and into the foreseeable future is video. Google and the search engines understand this and give high significance to video and Podcasts when you make it clear to the search engines exactly what you content is about and where it should be indexed.

Search Engines also understand the increasing demand for using Search Engines in local geographical locations like I mentioned earlier.

When you put Video together with keyword phrases defining a particular geographic location this makes for a very powerful combination.

What I do is basically is take Video submission to a whole new level.

Through what looks like somewhat of a complicated maze is pretty much automated once it is all setup.

The basic process is we make a short video about your business. Now for the purposes of ranking it really does not matter if it is a professional done video or one put together with a few digital pictures and an audio track.

I then take this video and have it uploaded to a multitude of video sites, podcast directories, blogs, social bookmarking sites, etc. About 70 sites in all not to mention other sites that will scrap your content and index it elsewhere to the point where there will be well over 100 references to your video ad in a very short period of time

I do not stop there. About a week later I then have the video re-rendered using a different format, change up the title and description of the video and even change the user id doing the submission to these videos so it is all seen as fresh new content and repeat this entire process.

This process is then repeated a week after that then again a week after that. All this being seen as fresh content, all causing the video ad to be seen multiple times under your most significant keywords phrases and making it easy for you to be seen by your target audience.

Direct Response and Lead Page Generation sites.

The biggest mistake people make on their website is the call to action is either very weak or totally non-existent.

You must define clearly, and quickly what it is you want your visitor to do, and it must be simple.

As an optional service I can also provide you with a simple direct response webpage along with a domain name that fits your marketing niche as a place to draw the traffic to. This stratagy under most circumstances works better than having the ad point directly to your website.  I can go ninto more detail as to why this is when we talk.

Here is just a very small sampling of hundreds of webpages pages I can customize to fit your business.

This is clearly a case where less is more, as sometimes having too much on a webpage can distract what it is you want the visitor to do and that is leave their contact information so you can get them into your sales channel.

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