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SambaStream is an online software (SaaS) company specialising in online collaboration. Providers of SambaJam, the most powerful, extensible and usable collaboration platform available for SMEs, enterprises, government agencies and NGOs.


SambaStream was founded in August 2008 by Alessandro Giannone, David Gildeh and Clarence Sittampalam, three technology consultants specialising in Information Management Systems.

The concept behind Sambastream is to provide greater affordability and access to enterprise level tools for information management.

The founders have worked alongside leading enterprise software vendors for information management. They have seen the increases in maturity of software. However these application suites typically come at great costs and are limited to organisations with large IT budgets. In addition increased adoption of consumer electronics and the web have raised the expecation from end users for more sophisticated online tools for completing work. These trends provide the platform for a new type of software business.

SambaStream's goal is to become an innovative leader in the provision of online software tools. By adopting the software as a service delivery model SambaStream aims to provide its customers and partners with a more affordable on demand service compared to traditional on premise installations and software licenses.

We are eager to hear from potential partners and customers about working together. If you require further information on SambaStream or have something of interest to share, please contact us.




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