Salzano Seafood brought to by Thomas Salzano aka Chef Tom Salzano

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Thomas Salzano Seafood by Thomas Salzano aka Chef Tommy Salz, prides itself on providing the freshest seafood available.  Doing business as Salzano Seafood. Our immediate goal is to have a Salzano’s Franchise in 5 major metropolitan hubs in the next year. Our long-term goal is to be in 10 major metropolitan hubs within the next 5 years. We plan to aggressively carve out our portion of the $140 billion seafood industry. We plan to have some of the lowest startup up costs for any new food franchise.

Salzano’s mission, combined with our unique capacity for tremendous growth, means you can get in on the ground-floor of an excellent investment opportunity. The start up cost of a Salzano’s franchise is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of starting other restaurants. Potential franchise owners don’t need prior restaurant experience. We educate all our franchise owners on everything they need to know. From boat to table the 5th generation Salzano style of eating will make you come back time after time.

Are you ready to join an internationally acclaimed brand? Request more information and take the first step in franchising with Salzano Seafood. Innovation and tradition are the driving forces behind our brand. From quick service and our casual concept, through our fine dining restaurant, Salzano Seafood concepts are just as appealing and versatile as the seafood selections we offer.

Beginning with Luigi Guisseppi, the Salzano family has been involved in the seafood industry since 1879.  When he emigrated from Sicily as a teenager, his name was changed to Louis Joseph Salzano.  He met and married Rosalia Luisa Defranco when he was in his twenties.  Rosalia’s mother, Francesca, was a highly regarded cook and baker.  Most of the recipes that are used in Salzano’s kitchens are hers.  We value the integrity and tradition of her recipes and pride ourselves on passing on her excellent food to our customers.